Wednesday, May 05, 2004

You say What You Need To Hear Most

On Monday morning M turns to me in bed and gives me all sorts of friendly advice about how not to stress out about leaving on Wednesday. "We don't have to leave on Wednesday. Nothing is set in stone. " Phrases of that nature. So, who is the one stressing? My poor husband is a bear. I remind myself that he is my bear. The chosen bear in my life!!
Ahhh, the party!!
*All went ok.
*My Mom was manageable.
*I didn't have the opportunity to talk to my brothers or their families too much.
*My Dad put a lot of work into this shindig and I made an effort to tell him that he put on a great party for my Mom.
*I got to see some long lost relatives and friends of the family. That was very nice!!!!
*My Mother-In-Law got a much more intimate peek into my family that I cared to have happen. We'll see how that filters into her "amateur psychologist's" mind. And how it will filter into her thinking that she knows me more intimately now. That should prove to be way more fun than I want to have.
*I made the birthday cake. We all (M,V,A, & X) presented them to her with sparklers in them. She never thanked any of us. Lord only knows if she liked them. There were four. Four Mocha Pecan Tortes. Very chocolately, very yummy...what was not to like?
*M wrote a poem for four voices that we performed. Mom liked that. We gave her a copy of it. It was about her and the theme, through line, was quilting (she's quite a quilter). It was full of us repeating the word "stitch" and full of the fabric of her life. My beloved Bear did good...real good! I chose good!!
We leave for Lopez sometime soon. We are all anxious and working hard to get our apartment ready for a Track Rental. I hope the gods bless us and get us some rentees.