Saturday, May 12, 2007

...not feeling 'ever so inspired' this morning.

In typical Motherly Nature fashion up here in Saratoga we have warped from winter into summer. Just the day before yesterday we were all complaining about how hot and uncomfortable we were and when we looked at the thermometer outside it was 76 degrees. I remember doing the same thing last year. Even though I grew up in New England I am not cut out for hot humid summers. We even broached the subject of getting out the air conditioners and installing them.
In my perfect summer world I don't want to think about air conditioners and sweating. I want to think about breezes on the beach and gardening in my bear feet with a sun hat on. I don't want to think about lying on the couch shfitzing away and dreaming of glaciers. I want to think about going swimming and only getting as far as my ankles because the water is so cold it has numbed them with pain.
OK so much for this post that I started days ago. I'm not inspired anymore.
Here are some funt hings that are happening this summer:
1. Xan is flying (by herself!) out to Tucson and taking a road trip with some dear friends of ours.
2. Artie is flying out to Lopez for a month and then coming back to attend a summer arts program at Skidmore College.
3. Michael and I will be all alone (TOGETHER) for the first time in 18 years.
4. It's our 20th anniversary this summer and in the rush of booking shows we scheduled ourselves to be setting up for a show on our anniversary. How the hell did we manage that one?!
5. I am going to my Mom's for 5 days to hang with her while she has cataract (sp?) surgery. With all the issues I've been having with my Mom lately, this will be interesting.
6. Michael and I are going to do our best friend a really, really big favor and stay in NH for a week and take care of his aged cat while he goes with his family (he gets to deal with his mom and their issues) on Prince Edward Island in Canada.
7. We get to finally have a real court date about the estate where we can...I'm not going to say what we can do so any certain somebody has no way to find out what we have prepared. I'll let you know when it's over.
8.We get to do an art show in Wilmington, DE and we've never been there before. I'm interested in seeing what Delaware looks like.
9. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be moving in the Fall to Lopez. Dare I say it...will I jinx it. I'm ever so hopeful....
10. We are doing a show on Long Island and we are taking an extra day to go to Coney Island because this is the last summer ever that it will be in existence. It has been bought by developers and being made into Condos. Can you believe it?! The roller coaster and the ferris wheel will remain because they are historic landmarks but all the rest is going. We are taking Xan and a friend of hers and going with some friends of ours in the city. When Michael was a little kid he used to go to Coney Island with his family.
Sorry for my 'not so inspired' post. I'm just not feeling 'ever so inspired' this morning.