Thursday, May 04, 2006

the horrid sister

So it has been many months (perhaps longer) since my last post. Husband's mom has passed away and we are in the throws of dealing with her estate and getting our house ready to sell. We finally get to go home for good. AHHH thoughts of going home...just one address...home!
Things here on the East Coast are not going to well at the moment. Husband's sister is being horrid! Mom-in-law has been dead for 2 months now and sister (who is the executrix nominee) won't allow anyone into m-i-l's house, is being exclusive, and has admitted to starting to divide the stuff that gets divided between she and her brothers. What the fuck!? When she gets emailed with questions she claims that we are bothering her and keeping her from doing her job. When she gets asked specific questions she is evasive and doesn't answer them. She has backed everyone into a corner and now we are in the process of looking for a lawyer to represent husband and his brother. Brothers against ugly.
We went and saw a friend of ours who is a criminal law lawyer and he said that she is showing all the signs of someone who is getting ready to rip us off. We didn't want to hear that. We want to get together, forget our differences and just do what has to be done. Sister-in-law has not gotten together with her brothers at all. She conveniently is not available whenever they have tried.
She stood in our kitchen 4 weeks ago and told husband that he is being hateful. The poor guy hasn't done anything but asked to get into his mom's house to say goodbye to her. Now everything in the house is being dimantled and put into piles. So much for saying goodbye there!!
So, off we are going to court. s-i-l is going to have a cow!! When she finds out that her brothers have got a lawyer and want her to cough up some accounting, let them into the house, share lists that she found that mom had made, and give an inventory of the house she is going to pop a gasket. Wish I could see it but that pleasure is going to have to live in my imagination. If she doesn't comply than they are going to petition her to be removed and replaced by husband (who is next in line on the list in the will).
Other than that we are all doing well. Daughter #1 is flying home to Lopez in June and living with friends until we arrive. She has got herself 3 jobs: working at Isabels coffee house, working in a bookstore, and babysitting. It's a safe place for her to experiment being on her own. Daughter #2 is totally envious of her sister being 17 and being able to take off. She is in the middle of some powerful puberty and we never know what face is going to greet us at any time! She still likes to play soccer and still wants to be a chef. Husband is busily producing ceramics. He is distressed with the whole estate stuff. Me? I'm taking a weaving class (my solace!!) and trying to "keep it together".
Must be off.....
will be back.......