Sunday, November 12, 2006


Hey, I'm still sick. Still have this crummy cold. I am very tired of green snot. Yep, I'm infected. The best remedy I have found this time around has been raw garlic. Am I the only person on the planet who has a hard time eating raw garlic? It burns. How come Michael has a geographic tongue (meaning his tongue has more surface area than most other tongues and it is very weird) and raw garlic doesn't burn his tongue.
Every day for the past week I have been dutifully getting out the spelt bread, slathering it with butter (we get an Amish butter roll that is to die for) and then I squeeze a clove of garlic on it and eat it. Tears roll down my face. I like the taste of it but it burns my mouth and it burns on the way down. Oh poor me...I'm still sick and we are going into our crazy, busy time of year.
This week I had to drive Michael to a show in Hartford, CT because he was too sick (we kiss, what can I say?) to set up on his own. It is only a 2 1/2 hour drive so Xan and I took him down and then came back home because Xan is in a chorus and they had a concert on Friday night. Michael is sharing a hotel room with a friend and today we drive back to the show to break down our booth. Ya gotta do what you gotta do, right?
Before Xan and I leave for CT I am going to take all of our food off of our shelves and rearrange everything. Doesn't that sound fun? It's all part of the rubic cube lifestyle that I have at the moment. Since I packed up most of our kitchen stuff and now we are staying I need to make do with what we have blah, blah, blah.... I am also trying to rearrange furniture and such to make room for the arrival of Michael's inherited things (Yes, it's all still a bloody mess!). That mean's that I am going to rearrange the food on the shelves so that when inherited furniture arrives we can take some of the cabinets out to make room. I have this gut feeling that we are going to be notified like 1 day in advance that it's time to pick up the stuff. That's how it happened in September. The pick-up never happened because my sister-in-law was demanding that her brother's sign blank receipts for the stuff that she said was their portion of the equal distribution of the personal property. Of course they didn't sign was blank...they did not know what they were getting. The rest of that tale is more bullshit. I am refraining from telling all because we are still in the middle of it. One day when this is all over I'll put it all down for all to read.
So I am off to the kitchen for some rearranging fun. Yesterday I made 3 batches of strawberry jam with the strawberries that I had frozen in the freezing. I bought 5 organic, freshly slaughtered chickens (I helped slaughter last year and couldn't this year because of my crummy cold. It's a very ancestral experience and I'm sorry that I couldn't participate this year) from my farmer friends and I needed to rearrange my freezer to make them fit. Thus I had to make jam.
Is there end in sight? Is Victoria going to spend all winter rearranging her apartment? Will she still be sick next week? Stay tuned, same blog, same weary woman writing it. Until next time....