Sunday, June 10, 2007

And so it goes...

It's been a hectic time here at Terra Cottage. We are trying to wrap up our homeschooling before Monday or Tuesday so that we can send off all of our documentation to Lopez. It's been funny to read whole chapters with all their sections of history. Getting almost the whole European Middle Ages in one sitting is quite a lot to chew on. Very funny to zip through The Crusades when under different circumstances we might spend a month on those.
Artie came down with us last week to NYC for an art show at Lincoln Center. More hectic logistics with Xan staying behind bouncing between friends so that she could play two soccer games. We left a day early because we had arranged with a friend of mine who is the props master for 'Beauty and the Beast' for Artie to hang out with the make-up guy who does the make-up for the beast. Long story short, my friend had forgot about our date earlier in the week and made arrangements for another guy, Joel to meet us at the backstage door. Well, Joel was 45 minutes late, the backstage door guy was a jerk, and Artie got into the theater for only 15 minutes. David later called us and says that he owes us big time. But, Artie loved Vinney the make-up guy who filled her head with lots of info in a short time. He showed her how he does the beast's make-up. He showed her the wig room. And to top it all off he had done some special effects make-up for the movie "Dogma". He created the shit monster. Artie was on cloud nine.
I hope this experience helped. It was planned with the intention that it could help Artie decide if she wanted to go to special effects make-up school. She is now talking about trying to get into an internship at Jim Henson Studios. She's 18, who knows what she'll want to do next week. I'll keep you posted.
We got Artie off on a plane to Seattle that weekend. One down one to go! She is now safely entrenched in island life for a month before coming back here for a studio arts summer program at Skidmore College.
Now Xan is jumping around wanting all the focus on her because she is flying out to Tucson, AZ this coming Saturday. She is going to travel with some dear friends of ours. She's packing, stressing, and driving us all bonkers over here.
So in a week Michael and I will be alone for the 1st time in 18 years. Both girls gone and a few days later I have to go down to my Mom's because she is having eye surgery. Isn't that the way of things.
From my Mom's I will travel up to NH to cat sit for our best friend. He is going off to Prince Edward Island in Canada for his own family fun. Michael will meet me in NH after he gets Artie off to Skidmore and then we will do some toodling in Maine for a few days before we are off to an art show.
The weather here is thick and humid. We've got some important court dates coming up. We've been having some intense family discussions about Xan and I moving back to Lopez in the Fall. Our lawyer has informed me that I can't go because he needs my documentation skills too much. He wants me to come and work for him. Nope.
Today is another humid day on the East Coast. Xan has a choral conert for us all to attend.
And so it goes...