Wednesday, November 07, 2007 matter how cool it looks.

I signed up for the Mablahblahblah. You know that thing where you post everyday for a month. I thought it would be so much fun. Two of my favorite bloggers do it and I wanted to feel the commraderie.
I missed the second day.
I have been so depressed about it that I haven't posted since the first day.
I missed the stupid second day.
How lame is that?

So back to blogging. In my own time in my own way....
Halloween!!!This is what my kitchen table looked like for a whole day before we brought the pumpkins out into our tent that we set up.We serve hot mulled cider to all the grown ups and give away toys of some sort to all the kids. This year we had kazoos and they were a big hit. It was a blast to teach the little kids how to use them.
Artie's costume:
Xan's costume that she designed and totally made herself (Goddess, I love homeschooling):
Our upstairs neighbors came out and played for everyone. Greg is an amazing guitar player and luthier and Maggie is almost done getting her teaching certificate. We are so blessed to have them in our house!
It was a groovy, groovy evening with lots of crowds stopping by. All the grown ups telling us that they look forward to our stop every year. It's nice to hear the appreciation for something that we love to do.
The next day Artie was outside and noticed a small bird on some of the spider web that we had put out. She thought that the bird looked so beautiful that she took some pictures.While she was snapping away she realized that the poor bird was stuck. So she got Xan and some gloves and she cut the bird free taking care not to touch the bird in any way. The deed was done and the little guy flew off to safety.
Note to self...Next year do not use the spider web on the sunflowers no matter how cool it looks.