Monday, August 20, 2007

Love you all......

So, I am here in MA with my Mom doing my best not to loose it. Xan arrived last Monday and I was hoping that Mom would be up and running in a few days but she is not. She is having a problem where she will be fine sitting down but when she stands up her blood pressure drops and she's a gonner.
I borrowed her car on Friday (my 20th wedding anniversary) and drove to Stockbridge, MA to help Michael set up for a show. We went over to Jacob's Pillow (be still my heart this place if fabulous) and saw a dance performance. It was wonderful and beautiful. Spent the night at a friend's house and then I left on Saturday to come back to my Mom's.
Today we went to see the doctor again. He is taking her off one more medication that she takes that might have something to do with her blood pressure. If that doesn't work than he is pretty sure she has the lucky fortune of have a blood pressure system that does not know how to regulate itself. This is a royal pain the ass to deal with but better to know what is going on and deal with it than not know and not be able to walk around.
I have cleaning my Mom's house...ICK!!!
This past Friday my brother and his wife signed papers on her (his wife) dream house. It is in Wareham, MA. In the town where she grew up and ever since she can remember she has wanted to live in this house. It was built in the 1700's. Her kids have grown up with her driving by it and telling them that someday they would live there. Now they do. Pretty cool huh? She wants Michael to come over and wood burn the word "dream" into one of the old beams in the kitchen. Of course he will!!!
Today I get to park my ass on the ride around mower and mow the yard. Tomorrow Artie is taking the bus in to help me keep my sanity. She's a good kid. She is all packed for Austin and is going to fly out in the middle of September.
I have been watching the progress of Hurricane Dean. Tomorrow it should hit the Yucatan Peninsula. And we are flying out there in a week. EEK.
We'll see what happens.
I know that I've been tagged but I got to move on to other things on the internet and then get back to Mom's. Ahhkkk, this is the second time from the 2nd person and sooner or later I'll do my 8 things.
Love you all.....