Saturday, December 23, 2006


It's been so long I can't even fathom where to start. First it was the nagging never ending cold which would go away and then come back after a weekend art show. Then it seemed like it was art show after show. Then it seemed like I was not having any time to rest during the day because I'm the "teach" and if I don't homeschool Xan, who will. Then I got the flu just as we were preparing to leave for 2 back to back shows and be gone for two weeks which changed the schedule to Michael and Xan leaving for one show without me and then they had to drive home to pick me up for the other. Then it was our best and busiest show of the year in Chicago with me just getting over the flu. Then we arrive back home to have Artie arrive home (Yippee!!!) and now Michael, Xan, and I all have the flu. And, of course, this all has to happen during our busiest time of the year.
And how is everyone else? My dear cyber-space companions. I haven't even read anyone's blog in ages. I feel like I dropped down a well or something. I am wondering how Mons flummen's surgery went. I have been holding her very dear to my heart this week. I want to know all about Jane's births she's attending...I do so miss her quick wit. I wonder if Annalise finally got her house and what terrific places her family has been to and what books on tape they listened to on the way.
Happy Holiday's everyone. I don't think we are expecting a white christmas it is presently raining this day before the day before christmas. This is the day after the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice (we missed the solstice celebration/ritual at the UU church last night becuase we are sick). It is also the day after Chanukkah. In my house we celebrate them all. Mostly, the 2 latter.
I wish for peace to enter all your lives. For your days to be as enjoyable and soft as a purring cat. I wish that humans will wake up and do everything that they can to help save our mother earth (watched an Inconvenient Truth this week). I hope that love abounds in your lives.
Hopefully I'm back from my trip down the well.....