Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I am amazing.

We spent all weekend in NYC. Artie was taking a sculpting class with Wendy Froud. She made a really cool faery doll. The rest of us went out to eat and visited a museum a day. The Natural History Museum, The Tenement Museum (my favorite!!), and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was glorious and now we are broke. Very broke. Like Michael asked me yesterday if I was flipping out yet broke.
No not yet. We are used to being broke and we have overdraft protection that will slush us for a week until the wholesale orders money comes in. We spent all our fun in NYC and this week we will be eating out of the cabinets. Oh I do have to go see my Mom and we'll use a credit card for the train tickets. Haven't used a credit card in over a year...this will smart but it's not that much money so I won't flip out.
I'm not the only one who plays money roullette, right? I married an artist what can I say. And I am happy to say that every year he is a more successful one.
So today I am up early and I am creating a high school transcript for Artie. She is applying to a studio arts summer program at Skidmore College. I am here to tell all the unconventional homeschool families in the world that this is possible and that there is life without a high school diploma. I must say that Artie sounds so cool on paper. Now mind you this is an informal transcript that I am creating for her but WOW (I must have a moment of glory for myself and Michael and our choices of schooling) she sounds so unique and awesome and interesting. I must quote you my last paragraph:
"In Sum, Artie has not had a conventional education. She is the daughter of unconventional srtists. She has traveled the US extensively wither her family doing Art Shows. In every city that she is in there is some sort of cultural experience that she is exposed to with the attempt to keep the exposure homeschool related. In most likelihood she has been to more major cities and museums than anyone you know."
Yeah, I can lay it on.
I guess I'm so elated because I have been putting off creating this document for a week now. And when I finally sat down this morning my fingers flew through over the keyboard. Magic erupted on the screen and Artie is compiled into one cool individual with a lot of education under her belt.
I am amazing.