Friday, February 02, 2007

...don't want all this negative stuff to stick around

My mother-in-law's estate is progressing more quickly now than it has been. Most of my spare time is creating documentation for the court. Making the list of missing items from the personal property, printing the pictures of those items to present them to the judge in a coherent way, transcribing audio tapes of conversations (just like the FBI), collecting of affidavits concerning what people know for sure was in the house when Audrey died and that Audrey did not sell off her things for the past 20 yrs. to raise money etc.., and putting together categories of things like "all the documentation of all the times we were told that there was an inventory or all the times that it was written to us that there was an inventory". Our lawyer loves us (I think) because we are anal central with all the documentation and fine presentation skills that we have. Alas, it is time consuming and it's where I am putting most of my free energy these days.
When confronted with a missing list of 126 line items and 49 pictures of some of these missing items. My sister-in-law responds like this....""Regrettably, the Tiffany letter holder is valueless because the glass is shattered in several places and a chunk is missing. I would like to have it for sentimental reasons." or "If MIchael means the litttle one about two feet high, he asked for it and got it. I don't actually see it on the list (meaning the appraisal list that is supposed to be all the personal property) myself but the appraiser may have described it differently than I would have." Did I mention that she has the photo file that goes along with the appraisal? She could look at the pictures to make sure if it is there or not. Better yet, she could give us the photo file so that we could look. She's been "sending" it our way for 5 weeks now. It's crazy making. And it's sad.
So now I am going to make this it's very own post so that my experience last weekend can stand by itself. This one will disappear in a while...don't want all this negative stuff to stick around.