Saturday, July 05, 2008

...and I still love you!!!!

The kitchen is done!!! (and I just realized that I have a different font because Michael is switching things around)
Oh well...The kitchen is done!!!!(And as I tried to post this picture I realize he changed more than the font. Must I share my bed and my blog space?) ((That's meant to be more funny than bitchy. But it does all relate to the time that said husband used my ebay account to try and sell some stuff and I ended up with negative feedback. I didn't like that!))
Anyway...The kitchen is done!!! I took that picture in the wee hours of the morning.
This is what I have to deal with next.And a view from the other side of the room.You know how it is when you're packing and you come across that thing that you're just not sure what to do with? Well this is the room full of such things. As I have been packing I keep moving things that I don't want to deal with. The only room left after this is the bathroom and it's not big enough so the buck stops here. I'm hoping to get everything packed and the furniture moved by the time Artie and I head out to Paducah on the 15th. I say that with a hint of "Oh, it had better be done or I'll be in a very cranky mood!". Things are just not moving as quickly as I want them to.
I spent a lovely three hours at Lowes' the other day. The first two were spent in the learning curve of purchasing and laying carpet and vinyl (no longer linoleum). The third was spent having to pick out said carpet and vinyl. Here's what my mushy brain has come up with.
Vinyl choices:
Carpet choices:
You should go and check out Michael's blog at
He has all sorts of pictures and videos of what he is doing.
And just to prove to everyone, myself, my husband, that I really do love and cherish that man of mine I ordered him a Utilikilt. Michael used to have one and somehow on our show circuit travels it went 'AWOL'. The other day as I was packing up the studio I found the receipt with all the measurements and style. I called them and got him a replacement. If you read this, Honey, before it arrives...
You mess around with my blogger and ebay accounts and I still love you!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

"STUFF, the under rated spice of a marriage"

A conversation:

She..."When does the back building start getting build?"
He..."Well, I've been thinking about that. Since we've added on to the house I'm thinking that we might not need to build it."
She..."So where are you going to put all your stuff?"
He..."What stuff?"
She..."All the stuff you collect."
She..."You have to have a place to put it."
She..."Because we need a place for you to put all the stuff that you collect. You're happy because you get to have your stuff. I'm happy because I don't have to look at it. We're both happy."
He..."Right. If we don't have enough room in the back storage of the house we can always get a shed for a couple of thousand instead of paying twenty thousand for that back building."
She..."That's right."

Bill wrote, "STUFF...the under rated spice of life".
I say, "STUFF, the under rated spice of a marriage".

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

...more fun than me?

Is it possible that anyone out there is having more fun than me?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Michael has started a blog about his adventures renovating in Paducah. Don't know how to do a link in this text so the address is:
And it seems that he hasn't figured out how to get it in his name (and just yesterday i was bragging about what a computer genius he is).
Check it out and eventually I'll get it linked in my sidebar.

Monday, June 30, 2008

...picture of the driveway for you.

Already today I have been to the dump and our cat, Godiva, has peed and pooped in my closet. What a morning, huh? I could really use some suggestions with how to deal with our kitty's anxiety!
Our bus has moved onto another home. We donated 'Big Red' to the Kidney Foundation. Here is a picture before he left.Moving, moving, moving...
and gone!This all happened over a week ago. I have been meaning to post before and after pictures. Well, the truth is I'm embarrassed to show you any pictures of what my driveway looks like without 'Big Red' there. It looks as bad as I thought it would and slowly I have been picking away at the debris that Michael left behind. I know, I know...they really are treasures in his mind. But then again he thinks that I'm beautiful and amazing too. So something is wrong with him obviously.
I hate to think where 'Big Red' is going. I kinda felt like a bad mother sending him off with strangers. He has served us well and even though he never became the hippy RV that we dreamed of. He was surely the grooviest storage unit in Saratoga Springs! So hail to 'Big Red'! He is off to serve humankind in ways I never imagined.
On a brighter note...I can't leave him behind.
If I get up the nerve I'll take a picture of the driveway for you.