Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Home is where the sheep are......

We arrive home (many adventure stories to come...) and there is a gate across our driveway. We undo it. We can't think of why it is there. It seems that our neighbor whom we had an agreement with to run his sheep in our meadow totally forgot the part about agreeing to fence off our yard! There was/is sheep poop all over our yard and driveway. The mistake was soon corrected and the sheep are happily grazing "over there" in the meadow and I am left with a nicely fertilized yard. Ahh, it's good to be home!!!

A few road adventures....
Last year we traveled to Lopez in June. It was quite warm and I had everyone pack accordingly. We hit two thunder and lightning storms. We saw some amazing lightning!!!! Very up close and personal. We also hit snow and sleet in Montana. We saw way too much of that up and personal. I am thankful for the heater in the car as we all only had our Tevas and no socks. I brought a light jacket and no long sleeve shirts. We were all ill prepared and luckily in good humor.
I will over this week relate some funny travel stories.
Story one...
It was late at night and Xan had fallen asleep in the back. She and Artie set up in the back with the cat carriers above there heads and behind them. We let the cats have free run of the car while we are driving and we keep a kitty litter box between the carriers and open it (it has folding lids) up a few times during the day so that the cats can....you know. Well, Xan is asleep and Godiva seems to need to do her business so I tell Artie to open up the litter box. Artie does and we discover that the box we chose is a little to deep for her to get her chubby self into. For some unknown human reason ( probably a well know reason to cats) Godiva stands on the outside of the box and starts scratching the kitty litter all over the place. It's flying. Artie and I are watching this and we are busting our guts. We are laughing uncontrollably and the litter is flying all over our sleeping cherub, Xan. What are women to do? Cats are funny creatures. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath. Artie had to manage the brunt of the situation since she was the one in the back and had to hold the box because Godiva was moving it all over the place. Michael kept a firm control of the vehicle with these two hysterical ladies laughing their asses off. We were laughing too hard to tell him what was going on.
We got the box under control. Godiva finally got in and did her thing. We let Xan sleep. We told Michael all about it through our giggles. Off we went into the night with Xan slumbering under a layer of fresh scent kitty clay.
More later......Blessings....V