Thursday, September 27, 2007

...and a helluva woman.

Finally, finally I can tell you about the day that I got to meet J. Beautiful, beautiful J. She is so wonderful that she even let me borrow her luscious hair for a few moments.Now what kind of woman that you have never met in person before will let you have the hair that you have always dreamed for a few moments? J rocks!!!
J and her family came to a show that we were doing in Manassas, VA. And what a lovely family they are.She has three young boys that had loads of fun playing with some clay that Michael got out for them. See them having loads of fun.OK so maybe ice cream is more fun.But seriously folks...I got to meet a very special woman. I look forward to reading her blog. She makes my day better every time she leaves a comment on mine. She is a gifted wordsmith and a helluva woman.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is this really happening?

A bottle of wine later and good nights sleep and now I am ready to blog about it.
Yesterday my Mom calls me from Texas. She is out there visiting her best friend and just so happens to be two hours away from Austin.
She says, (and this is after not calling me when she arrived in Texas, like she said she would, a few days previously) "I just want you to know that I am on my way to Austin to go and get Artie. I thought that you would be relieved to know."
"Are you picking her up, like taking her away from there for good?"
"I've been talking to her a lot lately and I think that she needs to get out of there so I am picking her up so that she can spend a few days with me in Junction (where she is staying with her friend)."
"OK then Mom. I, too, have been talking with Artie a lot lately and I am not going to intervene in this situation no matter what my feelings about it are. Artie is in a position where she needs to be making decisions on her own and I am not going to tell her or you what to do."
"I think that she needs me to come and get her so I am going."
That's about the jist of it.
Later in the day I get a phone call from Artie that she has been waiting outside of her apartment complex for over 1/2 an hour. Her grandmother is late and she is worried. I told her that Granny could be lost but there was nothing to do but wait. And to please call me when she is in the car with Granny.
She doesn't call.
I called a couple of hours later. They are in a restaurant somewhere on the way to Junction and everything is groovy. I ask her to please call me when they get to Junction.
A couple of hours later....
I call to make sure that everythiing is OK.
"Everything is fine Mom we are just taking the scenic route."
"Do you know where you are?"
There's some talking back and forth in the car with Artie and Granny.
"Yeah, Granny says we are in San Antonio."
This is not such a great 'great' by the way. It's getting dark. My mother has really crappy night vision. They are in San Antonio which is out of the way of where Junction is. I'm thinking that this is not such a good thing. And Artie is assuring me how everything is fine.
"Everything is not really fine dear, your grandmother has a really hard time seeing at night."
"I know Mom, I'm helping her."
"That's good dear call me when you get to Junction. And if you need me to mapquest anything for you call me!!!"
They got to Junction a few hours later around 11pm their time. Artie has no cell service there and it took her a while to figure out how to use the rotary dial telephone.
And my Mom is going to take her back to Junction on Monday? Is this really happening?