Thursday, September 27, 2007

...and a helluva woman.

Finally, finally I can tell you about the day that I got to meet J. Beautiful, beautiful J. She is so wonderful that she even let me borrow her luscious hair for a few moments.Now what kind of woman that you have never met in person before will let you have the hair that you have always dreamed for a few moments? J rocks!!!
J and her family came to a show that we were doing in Manassas, VA. And what a lovely family they are.She has three young boys that had loads of fun playing with some clay that Michael got out for them. See them having loads of fun.OK so maybe ice cream is more fun.But seriously folks...I got to meet a very special woman. I look forward to reading her blog. She makes my day better every time she leaves a comment on mine. She is a gifted wordsmith and a helluva woman.


sweetpea said...

Saw your comments @ Gluten Free Girl - I spent three weeks in Paris and it was very very difficult to find any GF food. I did however spend a day with Rosa Jackson ( While somewhat expensive having a priviate food gude for a day was the highlight of my trip. Check her website out, she may be helpful in suggesting places for GF food but I know it is not easy! Have a fun trip!

MF said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been by lately! I hadn't even visited Jane in more than a week and have missed all manner of coolness! I don't know what's wrong with me :P

Anyway, the boys are still talking about that time they got to go to that place and play with that play-dough and be knights :) Jonathan was very ill afterward (and during), but even he remembers it as such a fun trip :) I'm completely enamored of your girls and hope to come out and see you all again whenever we can :)