Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...off the loom last month.

I haven't posted in a while because I've been waiting for everyone to see the pictures of J. But it is time to move on and you should really look at my last post and see the pictures of J.
We went to Baltimore a few weekends ago for an art show. Last year at this time we were at the same art show staying with the same wonderful friends, the Rashkins. Our friend, Laura, is someone that used to rent an apartment from us when we lived in Tucson, AZ. Oh, let's say, about 17 or 18 years ago.
Laura arrived at our doorstep a few days before Thanksgiving one year wanting to rent our apartment. She stayed, she had Thanksgiving with us and she has been a feature in our lives ever since. We even went to her wedding. How lucky for us to know Laura!!!
So...last year I asked her daughter, Anna (then 3), if I could make her a rug in my weaving class. It was decided that I could. And here it is a year later and I am bringing the rug to Anna's house unfinished. I spent one night sitting on the floor tie-ing off the ends so that I could leave the rug with her. I am the slowest weaver!! It takes me about 6 months to a year (obviously) to get one project done from start to finish.
I got up early on the morning that we were leaving so that I could take some pictures of Anna with her new rug. See how happy she is...See how excited she is to have a rug that Victoria made just for her...See how she can smile when asked, "Why aren't you smiling, Anna?".The rug is finished...now on to the baby blankets I took off the loom last month.

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Jane_hates_Dick said...

Her excited face made me laugh out loud. Cute kid, and the rug is beautiful.