Sunday, September 17, 2006


I went to the dentist on Thursday. Now don't feel sorry for me. Not just yet anyway.
My dentist, Dr. David Presser who has an office in Clifton Park, NY is a wonderfully funny individual. I'd love to link you to him but alas, he has no website. So, if you live in the Capitol Region in upstate NY then you should definitely look him up.
I have been having some old craggy fillings replaced and that has meant many visits with Dr. David.
This is a picture of Dr. David: The first time I saw this on him I thought that I was going to pee in my pants. Maybe out of fright but mostly I was thinking of stories that Michael tells me of learning about how to survive a nuclear bomb attack at school (think the 50's and early 60's). How the teacher would show all the kids in the class how they have to hide under their desks. Like that was going to save anybody! So, here is Dr. David in his gas mask attire and I'm trying not to crack up. I guess he wears it because of the mercury in my fillings.
Dr. David also sings to me, "Vic...tooorrrr...Ey......Ah" and he talks to me asking me all sorts of questions and then says, "Oh yeah, you can't answer me." I love a good sense of humor and he makes my visits very enjoyable. Go figure, eh?
I am not a dentist enthusiast mind you. I had a very bad "rubber dam" experience a few years ago back in Seattle. I went to the dentist just as we were getting ready to drive across the country. Long story short, the dentist screwed up and I spent from WA to AZ in exquisite pain. I loathe those rubber dams. Here's the TMI part: I am in incest survivor and had kept my incest secret for far too many years. I am a jaw clencher and anything that forcibly makes my mouth stay open is a bad thing!! I hate those rubber dams. I think that the devil invented them and gave them to the dental profession to use on goodly innocent people (like me).
Now Dr. David has restored my faith in dentistry. He keeps my spirits up during a procedure and when he is done he does some cranial sacral work. I was impressed.
Now, I saw Dr. David at a party before I had my last appointment and I asked him if I could take a picture of him of him in his gas mask. I thought that it would be a fun picture taken by me in the chair holding up the camera. He said that it sounded fine to him. So, when he gets his gas mask on he lets me take the picture. The one above is the second because the first one is the one I got of his stomach. Hey, it's hard to aim when you are stuffed with novocaine. After he was done with the procedure and before the dreaded rubber dam was removed Dr. David said that if I got a picture of him then it was only fair if I took a picture of me. What?! He did make sense though...again I was under the influence of novocaine. This is me with my rubber dam in Dr. David's office: Now you can feel sorry for me. I got suckered into taking a ridiculous picture of myself and I must still be under the influence of dentist mania something because I am posting it here. Don't I look good in my teal colored rubber dam? I think that color suits me well. I'm going to tell Dr. David that teal is only color that I will have in my rubber dam.
In all seriousness, I love Dr. David. I love him for being great at his profession, his compassion and sense of humor. Now mind you, my jaw still hurts. It takes me about a week to recover from that damn rubber dam but I go to the dentist without reservation these days. Dr. David is my dentist gem.