Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm thinking about Turkey.

On our way to Michigan last week I had the map out in the car. we were going to do a detour to Niagara Falls. Xan and I are looking at the map...
"Hey Mom, does that say Buffalo?"
"Yeah sweetie."
"I know, isn't Buffalo a country?"
"No honey, Buffalo is a city."
"No I'm sure it is a country."
"It's not. It's a city in New York state dear."
"No, no, no I"m sure that it is a country."
"It's not honey, it is a city in New York state and we are going to drive through there to get to Niagara Falls on Monday."
"No Mom, I'm sure it's a country. It's (long pause). Oh, ha-ha, it's Turkey. I'm thinking about Turkey."