Friday, April 16, 2004

Ball Jars

I like to drink out of Ball Jars. I don't know why. I just do. I am a Ball Jar purist. I don't like the ones that they sell with handles on them and are designed as drinking glasses. I like to drink out of the actually jar. M says that the rim on them is bothersome to his lips. You know, the swirl that the lid can screw round on to come on and off. I doesn't bother me...I just really like it. It's my comfort object...A Ball Jar full of water is a heavenly thing!!
I think that the first time I drank out of a Ball Jar was in a bar in Peterborough, NH. I'm not a drinker and have never been into the bar seen. But, for some reason I liked this place. I don't remember the name. I barely remember what it looked like on the inside. I don't remember what I drank in my Ball Jar drink. I do remember that I went there with Trey.
Trey was a high school buddy and we both ended up at the same college. I haven't talked to him in years. He was one of my first best friends. I told him my first real deep dark secret. And I loved him, not "attraction" love, but a real "dear to the heart" love. He was the first person in my life that really made me laugh and the first person that I didn't feel self conscious with.
The last time I talked to Trey (after having lost touch with him for 12 yrs. or so) I found out that he is one unhappy guy. It makes me melancholy. To be so incredible and not realize it. We soon lost touch again...he wasn't ready to have a friend.
I hope that life is better for him and that someday we'll cross paths again and be friends again.
I drink my water from my Ball Jar and it makes me feel better to know that I was really cherished. You just don't forget that kind of love. Maybe Trey drinks from his Ball Jar too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A Mystery.....

A spent the afternoon with my mom-in-law on Monday afternoon. I found out yesterday that mom-in-law was telling A to be prepared to stay here in Saratoga because her mom (me) likes it here much better than Lopez and most likely we are going to end up living here a long time. I guess mom-in-law is telling this to A as she is driving here to Swing Class and as soon as she gets to the nearest corner to the building A tells mom-in-law it's close enough and she wants to get out. She wants to get out of the car because mom-in-law has no foot in reality here!!!! Who knows why, how, where she thinks these things up!!
I spent all last night looking at M and saying, "I know this is a lesson in futility...but how did she get this idea in her head?".
M says I really shouldn't go there.
Ah well, just needed to get that off my chest. Just for the record...I do not love it here. I like it...but don't love it.
And, yes, I do know why she's saying it. I feel bad that she wants us to stay so badly that she creates this story. We can't stay here forever when our hearts are on Lopez. It will be hard when the time comes.
Later....I will figure out the comments thing.....

Monday, April 12, 2004

Another Day In The Life Of......

Well Easter passed without much event. It was a relief to us all. We do not celebrate it and since we've living on the East Coast we get coerced into spending it with my Mom and we all end up miserable. With her over indulgence of candy and the wanting us to go to church it ends up being a stressful day. We did have a very nice dinner with our neighbors and M's Mom. It was full of the promise of summer foods to come. It was so nice and what we think Easter (the coming of Spring) is all about. The kids asked on Saturday if we were getting some Easter Candy. Of course, I can imagine them asking....but we have been on a celebratory roll this week. We started with Passover (twice), and had A's Birthday party, and a wonderful dinner with friends on Saturday night, and not to mention that we were making all the desserts for these affairs. Uh, uh said I!!! Don't you think we've had enough. So we will do what we always the candy after Easter when it is on sale. Someday some descendent of mine is going to wonder why they celebrate Holidays after they happen and some wise Mom is going to say, "Because your Great, Great Grandmother Victoria, God she was GREAT, married an Artist honey".

A's birthday party was fun. Sushi for dinner. We were rolling and cutting a long time. Then we got to do hair. The girls were a riot and we took lots of photos. A insisted on photos for her friends on the West Coast and some especially for her buddy Julian, who is a very dear friend in Oregon. A certainly won the "best hair" award. A few days before she dyed her hair dark brown with intention of adding some hot pink strips to it. Well, after she bleached the strips it looked so cool that she left it. The streaks came out a tawny orange brown. It looks so cool!! M's hair never took to the bleach so no polka dots this time. I have bluish purple hightlights. I like it!!! One girl got her tips bleached, one got red streaks (we think that she's going to be back for more!), one got red hightlights, and one got got two purple streaks at her face. Oh, I almost forgot X and one of her buddy got purple streaks and tips. It was alot of fun and let me tell takes alot of time to do all those people. I was up to 3:30AM and then up at 9:00 to make the breakfast pastry. I think a great time was had by all. A has now announced that she wants an ear piercing device that we saw at the beauty supply store for her birthday. I say she just wants to be the most popular kid in Saratoga Springs. We'll see about that one. I'll let you all know how brave Mom and Dad are. I did mention that I'm married to an artist.

Everyone is eating breakfast. We are all getting and slower and slower at arriving on the planet in the morning. Gotta go...Blessings...V