Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A Mystery.....

A spent the afternoon with my mom-in-law on Monday afternoon. I found out yesterday that mom-in-law was telling A to be prepared to stay here in Saratoga because her mom (me) likes it here much better than Lopez and most likely we are going to end up living here a long time. I guess mom-in-law is telling this to A as she is driving here to Swing Class and as soon as she gets to the nearest corner to the building A tells mom-in-law it's close enough and she wants to get out. She wants to get out of the car because mom-in-law has no foot in reality here!!!! Who knows why, how, where she thinks these things up!!
I spent all last night looking at M and saying, "I know this is a lesson in futility...but how did she get this idea in her head?".
M says I really shouldn't go there.
Ah well, just needed to get that off my chest. Just for the record...I do not love it here. I like it...but don't love it.
And, yes, I do know why she's saying it. I feel bad that she wants us to stay so badly that she creates this story. We can't stay here forever when our hearts are on Lopez. It will be hard when the time comes.
Later....I will figure out the comments thing.....

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