Thursday, June 15, 2006


This past weekend we did a show at Lincoln Center in NYC.
We stayed in a friend's loft in the village. These friends of ours are amazing jewelers that we know from the Ren Faire that we work at in Florida. In Florida they live in a converted schoolbus that has a VW bus welded to the top. The VW makes a loft and is their bedroom. The bus is painted blue and purple. They have a medieval style wooden door. They own 3 or 4 birds that travel with them and a dog named Shasta. They haved lived in the same loft for years and years. They are true Village Hippies.
We got there on Friday night and to my surprise and non-surprise their loft looks like the inside of their schoolbus. It was fun! There was also another girl there who our friends know from the Ren Faire circut. She has the most amazing cat!!! This cat is part African Servel (I don't know how one spells "servel" but this is how it is pronounced). This cat, Duncan, is amazingly large. He stands almost up to my knee and he is only a year old and not full grown. He kept us up at night wanting to play. At one point he dropped something wet, weighty, and gooey on husband's leg. Husband kicked it off and Duncan was in high chase. Ick...who knows what it was.
The show went well. It was fun to be in the city. EXHAUSTING but fun. We haven't done a show in the city for a few years and we had some people come by and remember us from other NYC shows. We had nice neighbors. A couple from Argentina and the husband does metal work. He makes all sorts of Judaica. One of our neighbors was from DC and she makes pocket books out of vintage fabrics and wool. Her stuff is neat. There was a guy who makes shirts and jackets that look like they came from the "Xanadu" movie, very 80's. And the creme de la creme was a gentleman named Michael from San Francisco who does wire sculptures. He hung them all from way up high....human figures afloat. They were wonderful!!!
We had a lovely lunch on Monday with our cousin David. He works at a music store across the street from Lincoln Center. We went to an indian restaraunt that had wonderful food.
With our bellies full, our pockets moderately stuffed with cash, and our eyelids being held up with toothpicks we drove out of the city. Over the bridge and northbound.