Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday's moving of all of our stuff went really well. We were aided by Xan's friend, Gretchen, and that made all the difference. Gretchen is strong and she kept Xan cheerful. So, everything is moved. My living room still looks like "early college" because of all the stuff I brought inside that I have to sort. But, we are all happy campers.
Last night we went to a Halloween/Sowhein party at our friends' Bairbre and Hanks house.
This is Bairbre's website. We got to know each other when we played sisters in "Dancing At Lughnasa". A great play and way fun being her sister!
Here are our hosts:
They are up at the bonfire.
And here are some more pictures of other party goers:
This is Andrew. I just loved his costume. He also made ice lanterns that he put candles in and had outside. I wish I had thought to take a picture of them. This is how I think you make the ice lanterns. You fill a balloon with water and put it into the freezer. The ice is going to form from the outside in and in a day or two (I think that he said two days for his) you are going to empty out the water inside the frozen ball. Make a hole in the top and empty out the inside water. Put it back into the freezer and take it out when you want to use it. Put a candle inside and you are ready to party! I gave Andrew this blog address so, if I'm wrong...leave a comment and correct me.

This is our neighbor Kara. She's a riot.

And her daughter, Elisabeth. She had a stuffed cat pinned her butt and was walking around asking everyone if they had seen her cat. What a hoot.

This is "Wonder Bread Girl" and her sidekick "Mushroom Sister". The older used to be in a dance class with Artie and I've forgotten her name. If Artie wants to leave a comment and remind me that would be nice..hint...hint. "wonder Bread Girl" brought back fond memories of going on field trips to the Wonder Bread factory as a kid. I remember coming home with a loaf of Wonder Bread and thinking that I was just the bee's knees.

And lastly, Michael and I went as delegates to Star Fleet (now is that one word or two?). I walked around and in very slow speed with a made up accent saying, while pointint to my Star Fleet emblem, "SSStaaarrr FFFFlllleeeeeet". Then I would nod and put out my hand to shake. Michael was saying, "Don't blame us, we're not from here." I love this picture because Michael looks like a pre-occupied kid.

We just love Halloween and the party going was a great reward for all of our laborious endeavors.