Friday, September 15, 2006


This past weekend we did an art show in Manassas, VA. Whoever heard of Manassas? I hadn't. It was an OK show for us. Not much of a big turnout but we had some repeat customers who made our day. We work with a promoter, Sugarloaf, and this was one of their shows. A big benny is that we got to stay with our close friends Suzi and Barry at Camp Wapakoneta.
Michael and I both have, and had, colds and it was very hot there in Manassas. We did have a very fun meal at a Salvadorian restaurant. We were bummed that they had run out of yucca fries. We love yucca fries! We had a tasty Indian meal with our friends Lauren and Patricia. They just moved out of DC and into Falls Church (another obscure town). They were telling us about their new inversion machine that they just got. It's one of those gidgies that you hang upside down in. It releases the pressure off of your spine. They just got this thing and to start off they hang for less than ten minutes at a time. Can you imagine? And this machine takes up space. Our friends have just moved into a small basement apartment so that they can sell their condo in the city. And here is this huge machine taking up space in the living room. But worth it!! Patricia has back problems and already she feels better. I'm afraid that I'd get into one of those things, get stuck upside down, and laugh to death. L and P and are as wonderful as ever and it was great to see them.
On Saturday night we ate in at Camp Wapakoneta. Suzi invited Chris and DA over. They live behind Suzi and Barry. I was not feeling so great so soon after dinner I went to bed. DA phoned a little while later to say that there was a flower blooming in his garden that only blooms once a year. Michael got Xan out of bed and they went over to see it. He let me sleep because I had that cold. Chris took a picture for me. It's a beautiful white lily. I think that was pretty cool for them to see.
Miss Xan worked her tushie off this weekend. She booth sits for people, gets them drinks, walks their dogs, and brings them lunch. She knows how to process credit cards and take money. She works for about 10 or so people a weekend. We call her the "Sugarloaf Mayor" because just about everyone knows her and it's funny when they make the connection that we are her parents. She knows way more people at shows than we do. This weekend was very profitable for her.
I took this picture for Artie.....She really is a handy gal and we were so pleased to see that she, too, discovered the "whoever heard of Manassas" Manassas. We like to take pictures of places that have people's names on them. A quirky Terra thing.
On Monday we stayed over in Bethesda at Camp Wapakoneta to have our car looked at. We like a mechanic there. So, Michael, Xan, and I went into DC to have some Smithsonsian fun. We saw "Aliens of the Deep 3D" at the IMAX (loved it even though I'm not a big fan of wearing 3D glasses)and dinosaurs (Xan's choice and always a good place to hang out) and a small exhibit of a couple who trekked through China and Tibet in 1923 (very interesting to us because we have been watching Michael Palin's adventures in the Himalayas and it is fun to compare the two). Stayed the whole day in the Natural History Museum then took the subway home.
Listened to "Merlin, the lost years" on the way back to NY. It was a groaner and the three of us kept wondering if this was the last tape. Just like a bad "B" rated movie...we hung on hoping that it would get better. It didn't. Xan and I worked on a Su Do Ku puzzle. We got turned on to one at Camp Wapakoneta. It was a good thing that it was in the Monday Post because that's the easiest one.
Arrived home on Tuesday evening to have 3 people say that they were worried about us because we always come back on a Monday. I guess people notice.
All in all another fun weekend.