Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I love to fly, don't you?

Today we did the massive 12 housr drive to Maryland to stay with our friends and they are going to drive us to the airport in the morning. Early morning...not really to far from now.
On our drive we stopped at a Starbucks in NJ. A woman who works there was working on a sign that she wanted to put up about a coffee. Michael asked her what she was doing and she showed him her work and was discouraged. Michael offered to do it for her. "Are you good at this sort of thing?" She asked.
We got free Frappucinos and coffee out of the deal.
I told her that we would stop by once a month when they need to change the sign.
I'll be back from Mexico next week...hopefully with lots of good pics.
Mom is ok, by the way, not great but there are a lot of tests being done at the moment and her cardiologist and her primary care guy seem to think that her blood pressure problem is not the awful incurable disease that it could be. We'll know next week.
I'm going snorkeling...and this time tomorrow I'll be in a different country.
I love to fly, don't you?