Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thanks for being so dear.

We had some very dear extended family members visit with us last week.Ann and Virginia.
When we first decided to move to Lopez Island we needed a place to park our travel trailer while we looked for a piece of land to purchase. We knew one person on Lopez and she put us in touch with Virginia. We called Virginia and told her our plight. We were going to live in the RV and look for land and we were wondering if she would rent us a patch of her yard for some months. She told us that she would think about it and get back to us. Her response was that she just wanted us to come and not pay rent just cover our electric use. We lived in Virginia's driveway for 7 months. We started a ritual called "Virginia night". Virginia came over once a week for dinner. All our years on Lopez we had "Virginia night" just about every week.
And then there was the summer that Artie spent on Lopez and wouldn't come home. She found shelter and haven living with Ann. She didn't come home for 7 months. Seven months. I am so thankful for Ann for taking her in. We call Ann her 'other mother'.
So what do you do with such precious gifts in your life?
You take them down to the mineral springs and look on in amusement as they try the waters.I just love this picture of Artie and Ann.It felt so natural to be together and I love them dearly. They are supportive and happy about our move to Paducah. It's true friends that can love us in our process.Our time together was brief yet so full!
These generous lovely ladies.
What remarkable sisters.
Thanks for being so dear.