Saturday, June 12, 2004

I've had the flu...

I've had the flu. A yucky, on the couch for days, flu. I am now going to attempt to finish this 100 things thing so I can write about more important things!

More of me...

36. As I child I would sit in my closet in a white frilly dress and smoke cigarettes. Somehow is was a sacred place for me.
37. I gave up smoking when I was in my twenties. At the time I smoked 2 packs a day.
38. I do not find myself very interesting and it is very hard to write this.
39. I was once asked by a therapist if I felt alone. My reply was, "no". They said that this is uncommon of people who have suffered abuse. In my case, incest. Maybe I have angels or spirit guides who stick close enough to have their presence felt?
40. My favorite charities are The Heifer Project and Food For Life. I give to them both.
41. I am a democrat who has voted for Ralph Nader for years. This year I will not. I am sad about that.
42. I want life to be an adventure. I don't want to blow the only chance I'm getting as me, Victoria.
43. I believe in reincarnation.
44. I was in the hospital room with my Grandfather when he was dyeing and I did not tell him that I loved him because I was feeling self conscious. I regret that.
45. I love to walk on the beach in the rain.
46. I like food...all kinds.
47. When I gave birth to my first daughter I was terrified. Really terrified!!! I was beside myself with anguish over her being a girl and I would have to be her Mom.
48. When my second daughter came along we invited some friends to her birth and we had chocolate cake and champagne after she arrived. I'm getting all weepy thinking about it. It was great!!!
50. My love for my children overwhelms me. Nobody ever told me it would be so big!!
51. Sometimes I wonder what planet my husband came from.
52. Sometimes I wonder what planet I came from!
53. Most of the time I think that we are each others' salvation.
54. Before moving to Lopez Island. Michael and I lived in Tucson, AZ for 5 yrs.
55. I miss it there sometimes. I particularly miss the smell of mesquite burning in peoples' fireplaces in the winter.
56. After Michael and I were married we traveled to Mexico. We bought a Volkswagen "thing" and drove it back to MA. It took us about 5 months. We were looking for a place to live. Tucson won.
57. I love the Mexican influence in Tucson.
58. I believe that when I am cooking I infuse whatever I make with love.
59. I like my lifestyle of traveling, selling artwork, and homeschooling.
60. I am starting to learn about permaculture.
61. I drink a spirulina smoothie just about every morning. My mental health needs it!!
Spirulina has natural lithium in it.
62. I have an ulcer.
63. I think that people view me as really nice and always happy. Most people don't know me very well.
64. I very rarely confide in people.
65. I like my own company.
66. My mothers' voice rings in my ears whenever I am getting dressed. It says, "Are you wearing that?".
67. We own a van called, Motor Yacht Trixie.
68. When Artie was a toddler she use to run up to our Volkswagen van, Aunt Tobey, and give her a big hug and a kiss. I think the kids at the Montessori school thought we were weird.
69. Life is a trip. I just keep wondering when I'm going to get there!
70. I love to go snorkeling.
71. I like to meet people. People are very interesting to me.
73. I believe that everyone has an incredible story to tell.
74. I have some wonderful extended family.
75. My very dearest friend is a man.
76. I believe in the Goddess and that Jesus Christ was an amazing prophet.
77. My favorite Holiday is Passover.
78. Birthdays are a big deal in my house!!! We love to make birthday cake creations!!
79. My husband moves at warp speed and sometimes I get tired just thinking about all the stuff he does!
80. I like to watch "Gilmore Girls" and "Judging Amy" on TV.
81. As a family we watch Star Trek.
82. My favorite movie is "Time Bandits". Well, one of my favorites.
83. When I was a girl, I belonged to The Partridge Family Fan Club.
84. I'm glad this is almost done. It cuts my chances of total humiliation down.
85. I like to make people feel good about themselves.
86. I coo over my cats. I think I make a complete fool of myself trying to get their attention.
87. Michael met and got married in NYC.
88. When we lived together we would head over to Times Square and see what movies were playing right then and there and go see one. We called it, Movie Roulette.
89. Now I play Check Roulette.
90. Michael and I were married at city hall. The Justice of The Peace held the doors open an extra few minutes because Michael was running back from the Judges' chambers with our exemption (not to wait 24 hrs. after getting our marriage license). We were married at 11:37 AM on August 17, 1987. Nobody except us has been married at that time. As far as I know.
91. I'm sure you can do the math....but, I've been married for 17 years.
93. Xan is really forward to me being done with this so that I can pay attention to her. She keeps asking me if I'm done yet. Can you relate?
94. I collect shells. I've got boxes of them. Someday I'll put all to some use.
95. I own an old upright piano that was my solace as a child. I have dragged that piano to several locations. My father calls it "that god damn piano". It would have easier if I had bonded with a teddy bear. But I didn't so where I goes. Right now it is in storage here on Lopez.
96. I have a stuffed animal that I made as a child. His name is Ricky raccoon. I love him and he sits on my bookshelf.
97. I have had all my furniture in storage since we moved to Lopez. It has been 11 years. We plan to move everything out this summer...or next.
98. I tend to be impatient. I like immediate results.
99. I have a desire to create mosaics. I want to work with tiles and stones and mortar.
100. Life is good!
101. I like to sing.