Thursday, May 01, 2008

...some more laughs to be had.

It's finally catching up with me. This weekend is our last show and then we are diving into our "Paducah Plan". That means no more art show income for 4 1/2 months. YIKES!!!!
That part time job that I've been talking about getting better appear next week.
It's just all happening a lot sooner than I anticipated. And that is so like me. I am always the Mom that is scrambling for the child care at the last minute. Just yesterday I was trying to figure out where Xan could stay this weekend so that she can go to her soccer game. I know you are thinking that it was only Wednesday and I had two days to figure it out. But you are wrong, we leave today to set up for our show and I had totally forgotten about Xan and her soccer game.
It all worked out. She is staying home with Artie for Friday and Saturday and then our friend, Linda, is going to pick her up and play 'soccer mom' on Sunday.
This is why I call myself "THE LOGISTICS MANAGER".
Last night was our last night of our "Wilton 1 Cake Decorating Class". Being the good Terras that we are, we rebelled. The girls and I decided that we were going to make chocolate tortes instead of layer cakes with the ucky Wilton frosting that we have to use. So I made two (Artie and I decided that we would share decorating one) Mocha Pecan Tortes with Milk Chocolate Mocha Glaze (these cakes deserve capitals). We got to thinking that Artie and our upstairs neighbor, Greg, recently had birthdays so we made a birthday cake for them. This is the cake that Artie and I decorated.This is the cake that Xan decorated.Our instructor looked at us strangely when we brought in our cakes. And, OH, you should have seen her face when Artie asked if it was okay not to copy the cake that was shown in the instruction pamphlet. Our illustrious leader was surely shaken by the idea that we wanted to venture off onto our own and her response was that we needed to at least make something that resembled the picture. I think that we were a bit challenging for her and the 'Wilton Way'. One of our classmates told us that the class would not have been as fun without us. Apparently we are very funny and very generous because we each gave her some roses that we made.
We think our cakes were pretty and yummy. So did Greg.Xan and I have signed up for the 'Fondant and Gum Paste' class. Which, by the way, is why we took this cake decorating class in the first place just so that we can get into the fondant class.
So, in our future I see more cakes to be made, another teacher to stretch, and some more laughs to be had.