Thursday, July 20, 2006


We often have to stay in a hotel when we are at one of our art shows. This time we are doing a big-deal wholesale show. The preparation has taken us weeks. We've created brochures, changed our prices, talked and talked and talked to lots of other folks who do this thing.
It's my job to book the hotel and figure out all the logistics. I bounce between expedia and orbitz and priceline. This time there was quite a learning curve of deciding to stay in the city (hotel cost and pay for parking) or stay outside of the city (hotel cost and pay the toll on the bridge and then pay for parking). After a week of looking I decided on staying outside of the city at a Ramada (over the Days Inn). Oh my, I chose right! The Ramada was recently bought by a family from India. The people are friendy. They have cool names like...Rashmi. And the best.....the hotel restaraunt is Indian. How could they have known that I love Indian food. The decor in the restaraunt is beautiful. At breakfast this morning they gave husband some groovy Indian chutneys for his eggs. I love it here.
Must go and have M&M's and HBO......
Sometimes you guess right.

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