Wednesday, September 06, 2006


You can't tell by the picture but Michael has incredible hair. It is thick, has texure, is wavy, and very long. I see it down all the time (like, duh, eh?). I looked and looked through all our pictures on the computer and couldn't find one with his hair down. You can probably tell by the picture that my hair is not like his.
On Lopez we live on the road that goes to the ferry. Most people who come and go on the island drive past our house. When we first moved there and we were first building we were the topic of much island discussion. People told us how they liked the trees we put up. Gave us suggestions about exactly where we should put our foundation. We got postcards in the mail with people's input. Once a friend of ours was on the ferry. She was sitting behind a group of old ladies who came to the topic of the Terras. They were talking about all the work that we have done on our property. How they liked one thing but didn't like another. Then one old biddy turns to another and says, "And isn't it such a shame that his hair is so much better than hers?"
Now I ask you (this is real life here) who thinks of that shit?! So, I married a man with much better hair than my own. Ok, I don't like my hair either but I don't want anyone else to notice it's deficiencies. Did the old bat think that maybe I was thinking of Terra generations to come? That I was thinking of how beautiful the hair would be on our girls if they got the silkiness of my fine hair only thick like his? Artie's hair is fine like mine and wonderfully thick like his.
Michael can tie his hair in a knot. Alas, no one else in the family can do that. I can't even get barrettes to stay in, they slip right out. Michael can go for months on end without cutting his hair. I have to get my cut mine on a regular basis or it is frizzy and split end city on the ends. Michael can cut all his hair off and 6 months later it's down to his mid back again. I have to wait years to get my hair past my shoulders. His hair is only just starting to show the hints of grey hair age. I started going grey somewhere around 30. He can use cheap shampoo and never even notice. I have to be very careful about what kind of shampoo I use or else my hair is limp, limp, limp, and greasey.
So, where am I going with this. Nowhere really. But I ask you...where is the balance in all this. What do I have that is so great that isn't so great on him? When are the biddies on the ferry going to talk about how good my mmhhff is better than his?
When will I like my hair? When will I have the sexy hair?

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I know you two, and you, dear Victoia, are MUCH more motherly. . . .Love, p