Sunday, January 14, 2007

...just what I need.

It's official. I've booked us on a flight out of Albany, NY on Feb. 21st. We are flying to Tucson via 3 lay-overs. First we fly to Chicago, then Omaha (this is the excuse I've needed to get to Nebraska), then Denver, then finally Tucson. The destination. We'll be in Arizona for 9 days. We fly out at midnight on March 2nd and arrive back to Albany on Saturday morning of the 3rd.
Doesn't all that sound like fun?
A vacation. We get a vacation. I am delirious with disbelief and anticipation. Our lives have been so emotionally distraught since Michael's mom passed away. A vacation is just what we need.
We used to live in Tucson and it will be so nice to be with old friends. Friends that have known us for over 15 years. Friends who know us and know what kind of people we are (not the kind of people that my sister-in-law keeps saying that we are).
We arrive just in time to go and see the Tucson Rodeo Parade. It is the largest non-motorized parade in the country. We will go the Arizona Ren Fair and visit with our Florida Ren Fair friends that have changed venues this year (good for us because we get to see them). We will drive up to Phoenix and see Jane. Yippee!! And we will go to Art Celebration in Scottsdale to check out the show. We have two artist friends there that we will visit with.
Xan is going to spend a night working in the kitchen at Janos Restaurant in Tucson. Michael worked for Janos when we lived in Tucson. Janos is an innovative and charismatic chef and has graciously agreed to spend time with our chef wanne-be daughter. This is a major thrill!!!
Now if we can just make it to Feb. 21 without bursting.
Time in the desert is just what I need.

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