Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The party is over.

I work at the Saratoga Farmers Market. My well kept secret is that my employers don't really have to pay me to be there. I love it that much! I love to be around home grown food. I love the people. I love to tell people that they owe $25 for a head of lettuce and hear Sandy say, "Oh, Victoria". For me, there is nothing not to love about being there.
I work for two farms now, both organic. The Kilpatrick Family Farm fellows have bought a half size school bus painted red. They have named it "the flying tomato". These are my kinda people!!
This past Saturday I got up to get ready to work at the market. I was standing in the kitchen in an early morning daze staring at our calendar. I was in disbelief. The calendar was telling me that we had an art show coming up the next weekend. An art show? What? Our last show was before Chrismas and the sad realization that we have to go back to work was slowly making itself known into my reality. Ah, jeez.
The party is over.

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