Wednesday, February 28, 2007

...loving faces.


What a beautiful show. On Saturday we went to the fair to visit with some friends of ours that we know from working at the Florida Ren Fair. It was great good fun to be patrons and to be able to see shows. We went with our friends that we are staying with so there were 9 of us. We are getting pretty good at travelling in a pack of 9.
We saw the Mud show, the Pirate show, and the Dead Bob show. They were all so entertaining and in the case of Dead Bob a bit crude and lude but still very funny. Oh and we saw the Jousting...a bit too violent for my taste but we saw the last show which is the joust to the death. I should have known better. We saw our friends working just like we were in Florida. That was a bit strange seeing them in garb and we were not.
Xan had to buy a grain of rice with your name on it. Personally, I have always wondered why these are sold at Ren Fairs but they all of them. Artie got some pirate trinkets. I'm sure I must of bought something but I can't remember what. Maybe it was just mead.
As we were getting ready to leave the show at dusk we ran into the Wyldmen who do the Mud show. I stopped them to thank them for such a fun show. Low and behold they whipped out their musical vegetables and played them for us.And then Michael the broccoli freak had to learn how to play the broccoli.I am going to put a link to their website in my sidebar. Anyone who plays vegetables for a living deserves to have permanent stasis in my blog. So track to the right and click away.
After the show was closed we went out to dinner with the 9 of us and our friends Nixi, Lance, and their son Elan.
After a dinner full of revelry and laughs we all got into our various magical vehicles and flittered away into the evening air.It was a day full of good times and loving faces.

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MF said...

I love the tree man :)

Glad you had such a wonderful time with great folks.