Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We do sweetie. We do.

Last week we got together with my sister-in-law. Got ya didn't I? For a moment you thought "Oh, this is going to be juicey." But it's the wrong sister-in-law. This is my brother-in-law's wife, Karen.
We got together to create a "grave blanket" for Audrey & Alec's grave. No one in my family had ever heard of a grave blanket before. You take chicken wire and cover it with greens and anything else that you want. We put on pine and cedar boughs. Xan picked some sort of thing that had red berries on it. Karen had picked a bunch of green things from their yard and we had brought suet. We spent an hour putting it together and then we decided that we would go together to the cemetery on Saturday to lay it out over the grave.
On Saturday after I got home from working at the Farmers Market I gave Stuart (Michael's brother) a call. He told me that Karen could not come and did we want to come over to their house and all go in one car. We had a few things we needed to do afterwards and declined his offer. He offered to have us follow him. We did not see the need so I told him that we would meet him there.
We get in the car with a few shovels to clear a spot on the grave for the blanket and off we go. We get to the town where there is a fork in the road and in typical married fashion I'm sure we need to go left and he's sure we need to go right. Since he went to Audrey's burial last year I concede and we go off to the right. And we go off. And we go off. Ten minutes down the road and we're not so sure we are going the right way. But Michael has great visual memory and he remembers the big Virgin Mary in the blue background in front of the church. He remembers the old paper mill. Though, there is no sign for the cemetery. We finally end up at the Saratoga Battlefield National Park. We go inside the visitors center (beautiful view all the way to Vermont) and get directions to the Saratoga National Cemetery.
We are late. We got lost. We call Stuart. Michael is on the phone with him and he starts out by saying "I was sure I knew the way but we got lost." and then I hear "What's that noise, Stuart? What are you doing? I can't hear you. Stuart? Stuart?" He loses the connection.
On our way to the cemetery with our new directions we get a voice mail. It's Stuart. He's miffed. He says that we wouldn't do what he wanted to do and go in his car. He knew we didn't know how to get to the cemetery. He offered us directions but we wouldn't take them. We never do what he wants to do. We always have to have it our way. He was cold. He had been standing outside waiting for us and he was leaving.
Well, OK then. We get to the cemetery. He is gone. The grave blanket is there. It's funny how Audrey and Alec are in the same grave and they share a grave stone. Alec is on one side and Audrey is on the other. As we are walking up to their gravesite it hits me. Like a rock. Of course we are late. We were on our way to visit Audrey, the woman who was never on time and would get lost so easily. I turned to Michael and said, "Of course we are late honey, we were on the way to visit your mother." We stood there and cracked up. It was perfect. It was divine intervention. We stood there for a few minutes and thought of Audrey and Alec and what wonderful folk they were. We then decided that we needed to stop at "Saratoga Apple" pick up some cider donuts and go home and have tea with the girls.
At home we made tea, held our donuts up high and toasted Michael's parents.
"Mom you are so cute. Who toasts with donuts?"
"We do sweetie. We do."

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