Monday, August 13, 2007

...our trusty navigator for company.

I have been so selfishly self-involved in my vacation search that I forgot to mention that my Mom just got a pacemaker put in. She came home from the hospital on Saturday and my brother did the weekend duty. Now, today, Xan & I are going to take the bus down to be with her until Friday when we take the bus to the Berkshires to set up for a show.
So, I am travel bound this week. Hopefully we will make it to the library and I can blog.
When I told my friend, Beth, yesterday about my experience with Artie and the bus station she said that it was too bad Xan wasn't there. Because we all know that Xan would have had that itinerary out and questioning every little detail.
Thankfully I will have our trusty navigator for company.

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Jane_hates_Dick said...

Safe travels!