Saturday, November 24, 2007

How could we resist a tour of this?

This one is a quickie because we have to get ready to go to work. Well, first we have to stop at the post office (stamps for a mailing for our next show) and then off to the train station (dropping Artie off so that she can get back to Saratoga for work).
On Monday and Tuesday we took a bunch of tours in D.C. All thanks to our local congressman. We went into the Capital Building, The Supreme Court, The Library of Congress, and The Kennedy Center. Usually we spend our time in D.C. at some part of the Smithsonian it was nice to branch out and see other sites.
Here are some quickie photos of our day:

And I've got to add this one just to let you know that we know how to have a good time.How could we resist a tour of this?

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shauna said...

I love that last one! DC is pretty fascinating, right? I'm glad you had such a good time, my dear.