Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Look out my window with me.
It is snowing. Again.
Which means we have to shovel. Again.
Piles of snow will be slipping down our slate roof. Again.
Roof snow will be compacted into wet heavy heights. Again.
Sometimes beauty is spontaneous and happenstance.
Sometimes it is found in the most unusual of places.
Most of the time it's little sibling, hard work, is trailing behind with a shovel scooping up all the slush and ice that beauty forgot and has discarded like a once loved teddy bear.
Beauty is moving on to the next moment.
I am going to put on my winter boots. Again.


Patience-please said...

I forgot that you blogged!!! This should not surprise you, knowing me and my mental limitations!
Sorry about the snow...

Ellen said...

The novelty of the snow has worn off for me. Yes it is beautiful at times, but mostly it's a big drag.
If I could move back to California tomorrow, I would.