Sunday, April 06, 2008

...must be the drugs.

These are my day lillies. It must be Spring!!! But there is still a pile of snow there and it's one of the few left on the street.
I had my wisdom tooth pulled on Thursday. It want really, really well! I must have been in a lot of people's thoughts for it to have gone so smoothly. I was in the dentist's office for 15 minutes tops. I couldn't believe that it was already over and I wanted to bring the tooth home to show Xan but in NY state it's considered a bio-hazard and I had to leave it behind. I wish I had thought about bringing my camera. Oh well.
I have had no swelling, a minimum of pain, and have eaten nothing but pudding, eggs, and ice cream for three days. Did I mention that I like the drugs? I have slept like a baby. It's going to be hard to give up that Hydrocone stuff.
So I thank everyone who held me dear that day. It worked!! Michael came and sat in the waiting room for me. I was so glad to have him there. He's a keeper (most of the time). Now, except for this gaping whole in the back of my mouth, I'm mostly back to normal and doing normal things.
I MADE A LIST (thinking of you Jane the whole time). This is my weekend's list:

*Make folders & show sheets for Fall shows. DONE.
*Apply to those shows.
*Look for more shows in December. STILL LOOKING.
*Strip and make beds. HALF DONE.
*Clean kitchen.
*Organize buffet. (the stuff on the buffet, not plan a buffet)THINKING ABOUT IT.
*Organize and vacuum living room.
*Find Sugarloaf 2009 show schedule. DONE.
*File 2007 receipts. REALLY GOTTA DO THIS.
*Talk about trip to Hawaii. (yep, thinking about taking a trip in the middle of moving and when no money is coming in...that would be me.)

I know Jane is proud of me. I even started a list of things to do this week. I know now Jane that you are starting to love me. This is my week's list:

*Call St. James Court and see if they can tell me if we got into the show.
*Get Xan's work together and mail out to Lopez. (that's homeschool stuff)
*Call Kentucky Guild with questions about their show.
*Invite folks for Passover.
*Rake outside.

That's it so far.
I"m actually enjoying this Jane...must be the drugs.


Patience-please said...

Glad it went well. I can't do lists. I make elaborate lists and then lose them.

Annalise said...

Glad the dentist visit went okay! A tooth as a bio-hazard? LOL! That must make my whole house a danger zone, because I'm pretty sure Soph's last tooth is still floating around.

re lists - I always cheat by putting things on them that I can tick off straight away, so I get that accomplished feeling instantly.