Thursday, December 11, 2008

...word of the day for the last few weeks.

Really big changes.
Well, maybe not that big.
As I was driving out of the parking lot of (dare I say it?) Sam's Club. I was struck with the battle I have been having with myself. I am being faced with the art of 'acceptance'.
For example, there are many grocery stores here. None of them are particularly "wow" in what they have to offer. I want my Cabot cheese and my Sabra hummus and my Brookshire Farms turkey sausage. I can get the Cabot cheese and the Sabra hummus at ( I'm gonna say it) Sam's Club The Brookshire Farms turkey sausage is beyond my grasp.
I have shopped more at Walmart here than I have in my whole life. It's the only game in town. We need a dust pan, and waste basket, and coffee maker and pyrex pans. Where are we gonna go? I went online and looked for a Target. I like Target. I feel better when I choose the lesser evil of Target. The closest Target is over an hour away. Not worth it for a dust pan.
We get a magazine called 'Fast Company'. For me it is wildly interesting and I always pick up some nugget of information that feeds my head. Well, last year we were vacationing in Mexico and we had brought along the recent copy. An article in there stuck with me. It was about this guy (name long forgotten) who is a major activist and into environmental rights. If I remember correctly he went from GreenPeace ? to consulting for Walmart (the Walmart part I know is correct). He was getting all sorts of major flack from his peers. His thinking was that Walmart is huge! in America and why not work for one of the giants and teach them about being more environmentally conscious. Seriously, this guy is on a mission from a higher source.
I like to think that he is still helping Walmart. I like to think that by buying my 'need to have's' at Sam's Club and Walmart that somehow I am helping to support him support the greater good.
Or am I just pissing in the wind and there's a tangy taste of urine in my mouth?
As an Abraham follower (and someday I will share with you all about Abraham), I believe that we create our own reality. I have held the belief of the evils of Walmart and have never liked to shop there. And here I am giving over my hard earned money for some Vermont cheese that I just gotta have.
OK Abraham, I am going to change my reality. I am focusing on all the good that Walmart can accomplish. They are a powerful presence in our country and for the moment I am going to give it/them all the appreciation I can muster and hopefully I'll learn a thing or two along the way.'s been my word of the day for the last few weeks.


Patience-please said...

I've managed to boycott Walmart for 5 years, and Sam's for at least 3! Once in a GREAT while I have to get something from Sam's, if I can't get it anywhere else, so I do. Just twice in the last three years!
Ask the folks at the Park Ave Kroger's if they will get your sausage for you. They are very accomodating.
My little personal boycott won't make a bit of difference to Walmart, but I feel better!

Jane_hates_Dick said...

Similar struggles. I'm lucky here, in that I have enough choices I never feel forced to shop at Wal Mart (I've been boycotting for years), but I am slooooowly moving towards no chains whatsoever, and for all but the most vital necessities, used or made by local artisans. You should hear the ways I justify my Starbucks purchases. One of these days I'm gonna kick it!

Caramel Mohr said...

Sounds as if it's been a looong 2 weeks! I love Cabot's Extra Sharp Cheddar, having grown up in the area where it's made and it being one of my comfort foods, and I've maybe chosen the path of less integrity a time or two to buy it. Sometimes you have to be flexible: something has to give so something else doesn't break. Even if it means shopping at WalMart.
Happy trails,
Caramel & Scout ^..^

Anonymous said...

I understand your Walmart quandry, but being the creative and conscious person that you are, you will find a way to balance out the energy, I am sure. Love from not so sunny LA, E