Sunday, January 04, 2009

I have a houseful.

I have a house full of cats. Seriously. We have Ethel who traveled here with us. Then in the beginning of December we went to Petsmart and adopted Cadbury for Xan. Artie took in a stray at college and so cleverly convinced me that Daisy was just the sweetest, sweetest little thing. Artie brought home Daisy the sweetest cat sill in survivor, sorta feral, mode that any sweet cat could be in.
We now have three cats in a small two bedroom house.
It's working out OK.
Cadbury who truly is the sweetest cat ever is a bit terrorized. Ethel has thrown her paws up in the air and is looking at us with an expression of, "Why? Why? Why did you do this?" And Daisy will let you touch her (maybe) for a second or two before your fingers are potential hamburger meat.
In honor of our kitty circus here at Terra Cottage I am sharing a funny youtube video (and because I now know how to post videos and I'm going to be obnoxious about it).
First is this one:
I'm just waiting for the day that our cats achieve such harmony.
Now here is the translation:
I have a houseful.


Anonymous said...

Two of my 3 cats just went on high alert when I played the first video! Leo came over and nosed the screen. Now they're trying to figure out where those two cats went. Who says that there aren't any cat houses left in Lower Town?

ophelia rising said...

HA. LOVE this! I so miss having cats in our house, but we just lost our second, and are going to take a little break.

It sounds like your house is full and happy! :)

(It's Mary, by the your blog)!