Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Enjoy Mary's writing.....

I want to share a blog with you that my friend Mary writes. Jane she reminds me of you in the way that she is so lyrical and deep and expressive.
I have been so excited about the responses to my post about manifestation, the law-of-attraction, and Abraham.
I think that Mary's post titled, 'where spirit meets matter', should be required reading in every household and public forum across the world. Yeah, I do Mary!! She has put into words what I have always known to be true. And by the by...I don't know how to link to a specific post so you get the added bonus of listening to her most current one titled, 'peace', and then the one I want you to read is next.
So please forgive me Mary for not asking your permission first. I kinda figured that if we're writing here on the internet it's for everyone.
I have been thinking about it and I have decided to create a whole line of posts on deliberately creating and asking some of my friends to do some guest posts.
Enjoy Mary's writing.....

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Ophelia Rising said...

WOW, Victoria, I am extremely touched. Thank you SO much for such lovely words. I'm honored...humbled...honored. :)