Friday, June 05, 2009

...feel better?

This is something that I wrote as a comment on a friend's blog. I want to share it with everyone because I have been meaning to write about my views on manifestation and the law-of-attraction for a while now. I was thinking that maybe we could get a group of people to play......

Ok...the game background, where I'm coming from and other ramblings by Victoria Terra:
For many years I have been interested in manifestation, law of attraction stuff, and deliberate creation. I follow and practice the teachings of a group of entities that call themselves Abraham and they channel through a woman named Esther Hicks.
As an aside....before we moved here I found out about a group of individuals that meet at the local library once a week and study Abraham. Michael, my husband, and I meet with them once a week. We read and talk about stuff and try to put what we are learning into daily practice. Anywho....
I believe that we are the creators of our realities and that creation is manifested through our thoughts. What we think is what is reflected back into our lives (law of attraction). What I love about Abraham is that they talk about spirit and our connection to that part of ourselves. I believe that I am spirit having a journey in a human body.
Now, the physical guide (the part of ourselves that is our compass) is our emotions. When we are connected to spirit (or source energy) we feel positive emotions (like happiness, enthusiasm, joy) and when we are not connected we feel less positive emotions (like frustration, fear, anger). When one is working on attracting and manifesting they have their guidance system of emotions to let them know how they are doing. ask for something (ask the universe, god, goddess, whatever it is that you believe in). I call it 'Manager'. So I tell my Manager that I want a new car. Let's say I want a Toyota Hybrid Prius and that is what I ask my Manager for. Now after I ask it is my job to allow myself to have it. It is my task to align my vibration with the vibration of allowing myself to have that car. Tricky.
This is where our emotional compass comes into play. Positive emotions align and connect us to our source energy and the creating of our wants. Not so positive emotions create a block and we then cannot align or connect to our source energy and therefore can't create what we are wanting.
Now...there is a game that Abraham suggests we play where we write down the things that are frustrating us, things that are making us unhappy and we re-write them in a way that makes us feel better. That raises our vibration.
In a nutshell:
If you take the statements of dis-satisfaction and you re-write them in a way that makes you feel better (gives you hope for instance) then you will feel better and by feeling better you raise your vibration (energy) to be more of a match to your source energy and then you can attain what you are wanting.
It's all there for the taking really. We can have whatever it is that we want. It's just that we keep getting in our own way. Hah!
So, what do you think. Want to post some statements that we (your friends) can help you turn around into more positive things and make you feel better?


Ellen said...

It's so amazing you mentioned this. A friend gave me some CD's with the Hicks. Honestly, I found Esther a bit difficult to follow, although I have been trying to use the Law of Attraction, on and off.
My main problem is dealing with living here. After two years, it still doesn't feel like home. I have done so many things and I just can't shake the feeling of displacement.
I have tried to view this experience in positive terms, which I will tell you about, but just curious to hear what you think first.

madre-terra said... in a place that you don't want to be is a hard pill to swallow. I never loved Saratoga either. Not that it is a bad place...just not my place. So....I love that you make it into as positive experience as you can. Why not, right? There are all sorts of new adventures to be had in life.
I'm no expert at this manifestation stuff but I do know that it works and if you want to leave Saratoga you can make it happen. And you can make it happen successfully.
It's all about focusing on what you want vs. what you don't want. If you want to move back to CA than you can consistently think about how wonderful it will be once you get there. You can make yourself a vision board full of pictures and words that make you feel good and excited everytime you look at it. Feeling good is the key. Whatever you do it has to make you feel good.
I like to wake up every morning these days and say to myself that I only want to do things that make me feel good today. It's amazing how it's changed my life.
Hope this helps and I welcome more talk.....

And Tammy...Welcome.
It's funny that you should bring up "The Secret" (oh Ellen, this would be a great thing for you to watch or read!!!) beccause Esther Hicks and Abraham were the original idea for the film. In the original film they are pretty much the focus. Abraham got edited out because of the word, 'vibration'. The powers that be thought that that word made the film un-marketable and Abraham and Esther were pulled. You can find the original film on ebay and I own two versions of it that I bought last fall.
I would say that you are good at it! Look at the things that you have accomplished so far and not what is working for you. Focus on the positive. If you can deliberately create minor stuff then you are well on your way to creating big stuff! Obviously something is blocking the big stuff but that is easily remedied. I would check out the abraham-hicks website and start listening and reading or pick any of the other visionaries from the film that resonate with you.
There are many people out there teaching us about manifestation, law-of-attraction, and deliberately's just a matter of finding the source that resonates with you. For me it's Abraham, for you it could be someone else.
I love that you both commented here...let's keep chatting.

Mary Germanotta Duquette said...

Victoria, I'm sort of blown away, because this same theory/method/way-of-living keeps presenting itself to me, by different people, in various ways. And, this thing that keeps presenting itself is basically the idea of changing my perspective around by letting positive thoughts and energies in, and realizing that I am responsible for my happiness (or unhappiness), and what comes to me in my life. This, rather than pointing the finger at someone/something else.

For example, Ellen brings up her feelings about where she lives. I, too, am feeling very disconnected and dissatisfied with where we live right now. I know that we are not going to be here forever, but it's gotten to the point where I dread coming home b/c I'm not crazy about the community here (I love our house, though). But then, there's the part of me that thinks, Well, is it the community that leaves me so dissatisfied? Or, is it something inside of me? Will I find the same feelings, no matter where I go? Can I find happiness and connection here? Have I tried hard enough?

Some of the disconnectedness is me, and some is the community, I've come to realize. But, I find that my daily happiness comes from (of course) living in the moment, planning for our eventual move, creating in my mind the friendships I'll cultivate in our new town, etc.

I guess, really, the point is that whatever I put out there, I get back. I've tried it. It works. I've met lovely people, simply by being lovely myself. Not in a false way, or by behaving in a loving way without actually feeling it, but by continuously tapping into my own loving, open, non-judgmental, totally accepting feelings and sharing them. And, by practicing this, suddenly I feel as if ALL people are wonderful and good and loving, because I'm coming from such a place, and if a person just gets a little bit of this thrown their way, they tend to respond very positively.

So, if I can do this with other people, can i do it with places, too? It reminds me of a quote by Rilke:

"If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches; for to the creator there is not poverty and no poor indifferent place."

All of this is also akin to the newest bit of writing by Wayne Dyer, "Excuses Begone!" He's really fabulous.

You are, too. :)



Ellen said...

This is such a great discussion. Thank you Victoria, Tammy and Mary for sharing your thoughts here. It does feel good to know I am not alone.
I have done so many good things to try and cope. I've volunteered with several different groups, went to the knit teas at my local yarn shop, took a creative writing class, started exercising regularly, read inspirational books by Eckhart Tolle and Pema Chodron, starting taking yoga classes again. All good stuff, right?

Mary, I totally identify with what you said about your community. That's how I feel too. We are also always talking about our eventual move and thinking about that makes me happy!
I think part of the problem I am having is the harsh six months of winter. I have spoken to many natives of the area and people who have lived here for a while and they hate winter too. Makes me feel like less of a kvetch, but I feel imprisoned and beat up for all that time. Spring is too brief, summers are hot, humid and thunderstormy and when fall rolls around, that means winter is coming. This is a great area if you're an outdoorsy person which I am not.
It's also been rough making friends.
Thankfully we are friends with a couple from my husband's job, so that's good.
I did watch "The Secret" and I do have a vision board. I haven't looked at it lately though, but will again. I should probably rewatch or read the book as a refresher. I keep looking at this experience as something I will learn from, but since I'm still in the middle of it, I can't reap the benefits of it yet.
I love our apartment. It's the nicest one of all of the apts I have lived in over the years. The apt feels like home, but SS doesn't.
What about Saratoga didn't resonate with you, V?
And yes V, I do the same as you. I wake up every day thinking I will be positive and do good things. I do that often, but it never seems to take hold for long. I am still battling the claustrophobic feeling of living so far inland and so far away from a real city. I miss the ocean and great weather and lots of color that California has. We want to go back so much, but the economy and high unemployment is making it very difficult to do so.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and weigh in.

madre-terra said...

Tammy Merendo said...

I am not familar with the Hicks but this sounds like the book I read a while ago "The Secret". It made sense to me, I try to follow what was said in the book, I believe it works, it has for me on minor things but it seems like I am having trouble with larger problems. So either I am not really good at it yet or maybe there is something blocking it,like maybe I am afraid of a change that big. I'm not sure.

madre-terra said...

Tammy Merendo said...

I know that feeling of displacement. In 2001 I moved back to NY from AL when my Uncle died unexpectadly at 46. I decided I had to come home to help raise my cousin's children as my Aunt was doing it and with her husband passing she would be on her own. I left a house,2fulltime jobs that I loved, a fiance, 2 best friends in AL.I enjoyed my life very much and somehow never felt pressured or like I didn't have time to do what I loved down there.
I came here which is where I was born and now have 1 fulltime job,a much better built home,a supportive family, some good friends but it just isn't right. I seem to not have a place for things in this house, it's hard to explain the flow is just not right. It has been 8yrs so the kids are older and things are alot easier there, so that isn't the problem it is just a "displaced" feeling.
I don't know if you've ever lived in the South but things are very different especially in rual areas which is where I was. Everything is SLOWER, more relaxed laid back and I think people are more genuine. So it was a culture shock coming back home after more then 10yrs.
After I read the secret I started feeling better thinking that okay if I can control what happens to me it will be easier to avoid drama. I am also an Aries so I like control it makes me feel secure.
I was excited to share it with my family/friends but outside of my 12yr old cousin (I call her my daughter)they all acted like I was nuts. I am the freespirit of this family, the single,no children, gypsey that did everything backwards in life but oddly enough turned into the support system.
I think I practiced positive thinking as young as 10, I would call it "faking it" and a few years later taking the "how hard can it be" attitude.I got jobs I really wasn't qualified to do at the time of hire and I found this attitude helpful in nursing school too. But it seems when I crossed that Mason-Dixon line it all was lost.
Reading the Secret kinda resparked how I used to feel and look at things so I hope you find something that will do that for you too.

Im so excited about this topic! I have followed your blog since I took a class with your husband and he gave the website to us. Take care.

madre-terra said...

Hey All,
Due to some privacy issues Tammy needed her comments deleted and put up here in a different way.
No problem Tammy...I didn't want to lose your comments all together so they are up now under my name. This way what you wrote is still here and you can take it from there....
I'm lovin' the disscussion. I've invited my Abraham study group to start participating and hopefully some of them will. ask me what I didn't like about Saratoga. For me it was the conservative energy of all the folks around me. We had been living on an island out in WA for 6 years before we landed in NY. Out on Lopez the community is diverse. I mean really diverse and there is everything from your fundamentalist Christian survivalist to the hippies that live in shacks in the woods. There is something about the mindset of someone who chooses to live on an island that really attracts me. People out on Lopez think differently and most of them are extremely individual and left thinking. In Saratoga I always felt like I lived in an ant farm. And felt like people looked at me and my family like we were some kind of whacky experiment put there to challenge their conventions.
And did meet great folk, Saratoga and surrounding area is beautiful, and there is nothing like a Hudson Valley cloudy sky. never felt like my place.
And Tammy and Ellen...please check out the link to Mary's blog in my most recent post. It's beautiful!
Gotta go bake off some cookies......

Anonymous said...

While I was away on vacation my co-workers watched a movie about giving "pickles". After I got back we were all in a meeting and the boss wanted feedback on what they all thought about it. Since I had not seen the movie she explained that it is basically just doing nice things for people. It reminded me about paying it forward, keeping positive etc. It sounded good to me but everyone else sat there looking at her like she was crazy. I felt bad for her because I think this pickle movie was HER light bulb moment and she was excited but noone was responding. I started to point out some nice things that I had seen co-workers do for me and others and soon other people started telling their stories. It was nice. I can't wait to see the movie for myself. This popped into my head after reading a post on Mary's blog where there is a quote by Amelia Earhart. This may be my new favorite quote, it is so simple and so true. So my new plan is to give more pickles. My first pickle yesterday was when I was working in my yard. A stranger pulled up, she started out by apologizing for bothering me but wanted to ask about a plant I have, she wanted to know the name of it. I told her and she said that she had gone to several stores looking but didn't see any. Earlier I had dug up a clump to give to a friend. She started to leave, now my first thought "give her what you dug up" then I thought I don't have time to dig more for my friend and I don't have another pot ready. I yelled for her to wait and I told her she could have some that I had just dug for a friend. She was really shocked (which is kinda sad if you think about it) I shared some other plants and she told me how she had just moved here from the city, where their house was, about her kids and it ended up she lives only a few houses up from my Grandmother. I called for my boyfriend to load her car we exchanged names and she left. My Dad asked me "who was that" I told him her name, he asked if I worked with her and I said "no, I just met her". He looked at me funny so I told him, he still looked at me funny and finally said it was nice but those were his pots. I told him it's okay she will return them. The pots arn't back yet but I know they will be. So there is a pickle story :)