Sunday, April 18, 2004

M's Humor Weekend

We were set up at the "Humor Project Conference" this weekend. M volunteers there every year. Last year we set up our booth and did quite well so this year we set up again. The Humor Project is one of M's passions. He is very generous to them and designs their bookstore every year. Every year he spends a lot of his time creating something magical for them. One year it was a huge papermaiche smile. One year it was these wire pedestal things. And this year it was giant plugs. He spends the weekend tending the booth and attending the workshops. This girls and I bring him food and booth sit and get to see a keynote speaker.
This year M, X, and I got to see David Hyde Pierce (he plays Dr. Niles Crane on Frasier) on Sat. night. He spoke for about an hour. He is very funny and seems to be a very dear person. David H.P. grew up here in Saratoga Springs and had many funny stories of elementary school. He also shared some personal stuff with us all. He was very human and personable and we had a great time!! Anyway, when he was done there was a 1/2 hour set aside for people to have their picture taken with him. The photo area was set up in the same room that the vendors and bookstore is in. M, X and I went back to our booth to open it up. The line for the photo opps was long, long, long!!! After a while X and I left (the poor kid has a cold and wasn't feeling to good). We left M to work and I took X home for bed.
Apparently, David H.P. had a plane to catch in Albany and needed to keep to his 1/2 hour schedule but pushed the envelope on his time so that they could get everyone in the line done. Toward the end someone told M he should go and get his picture taken. So on impulse he got into line with a new goblet that he made this week. It has a brand new saying on it that he just came up with. M gets to his turn with David H.P. and tells him that after his talk tonight he feels that he needs to give him (D) this goblet that he (M) made. It says on it "laughing anticipates your next adventure". David H.P. looks at it and reads it. Takes a moment. Looks at M and says, "This is some good booty." He thanked him of course.
Pretty Wow...huh? So David Hyde Pierce has flown out of NY state with a goblet that M made. It seems like it was a really sweet moment for them.
You see what I left out was that David H.P. talked a lot about death and humor. He shared his own personal experiences of losing his mother and then his father. And how at odd times in the the middle of such sadness there was some funny something that brought about healing. I think this really touched M because he too has lost a parent. Who knows why he gave it to him. Maybe it had to do with David H.P. talking about how the show "Frasier" was ending and how sad it was and what was to come next. Maybe is was everything he said.. Who cares was a very tender thing to do.

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