Sunday, May 30, 2004

100 things about V

Well I'm waiting for Michael to get home from the dump. We have a recycling center that we call "The Take It Or Leave It" and we also call it "Neal's Mall". Neal is the guy that runs the dump. Michael is the guy who is a "Take It Or Leave It" junkie. Sometime I will have to tell you all about it.
But, until he returns (he's been gone a while) I will do some active self indulgence.

V's 100 List
1. I am 42 yrs. old.
2. I have two girls Artie, 15, and Xan, 9.
3. I live part of the year in Saratoga Springs, NY and part of the year on Lopez Island, WA.
4. Michael is my husband and he is an artist, ceramicist. We sell his work at Art Shows and thus we get to travel and live in two places.
5. It seems that we are always scrambling for money. I married for love not wealth.
6. I was born in MA and don't particularly like it there. Too puritan, too New England, too something that has always given me the willies.
7. I had a pretty crappy childhood.
8. I have a very difficult relationship with my Mom, then my Dad, then my 2 brothers.
9. I was raped by one of my brothers for years.
10. As a result I'm sexually uptight. It comes back in haunts me at odd times and in weird ways.
11. I'm always in need of therapy and never get there!!
12. We homeschool our girls. It works really well for us. I am an unschooler and pretty liberal in my thinking.
13. I became a Unitarian Universalist about 3 yrs. ago. I love it!!
14. Lopez is home and everytime I set foot on our property here I could just burst into tears of gratitude.
15. I have my degree in Theater Arts. An emphasis in performing.
16. I worked as an actress for many years. Did some commercials, a few movies, and lots of stage work.
17. I gave it up when I realized that acting was never really my was my Moms'.
18. I do a few acting gigs now and then but it takes up so much of my being that I am very selective!
19. I love cats!!! They are great entertainment.
20. I like to garden. Here on Lopez I have a big one and when we were living here full time we ate out of it year round.
21. I know lots more about vegetable gardening than I do flower gardening.
22. As a homeschool Mom, I figure that I won't have anytime to myself until I'm 50. It will be my Crone present to myself.
23. Our bumperstickers say: "Expect a Mackerel", "God is too big for one religion", "Pro Child/Pro Choice","If it's not fun why do it?"(I got that one at the Ben and Jerry's Factory) and "Celebrate Life". I think bumperstickers say a lot about a person.

He's home, gotta go and get the kids. Blessings...V

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Jane_hates_Dick said...

Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to read the rest.