Friday, August 25, 2006


Today we are off to the Poconos. Another opportunity to make money is upon us. I'm nervous about this one. They are all a crap shoot these days. And since we don't spend our summers here on the East Coast, all the shows that I'm booking are foreign to me. Our last show in Rutland, VT (Rutucky as it is fondly called by the locals) was a bust. EEK. We need cash and I'm edgy.
So, off to the Pocono State Craft Festival we go tra la, tra la. The Poconos. Land of the heart shaped bed. We are staying at The Super 8. I looked. I couldn't find any heart shaped beds.
I went over to AAA yesterday to pick up a guide book because I've never been to the Poconos and I want to go on a family hike on Monday. As an afterthought I asked the rep if she could look up the way to drive there. I thougth I would compare it to mapquest. She brought out a map and got onto her computer. She showed me on the map and then asked if I wanted a triptik. Oh My No!! Can you imagine if everytime time I travelled that I got a triptik? I'd have a closet full by now. It would be like a scene in a movie where you open up the closet door and you get washed away in...triptiks. Oh no, no triptiks for me. I've got a billion maps already in the car. From Florida to Alaska, Canada to Mexico, Puerto Rico to Hawaii, I've got it all. I can navigate the US quite well without a triptik thank you. I politely told her that it wasn't necessary and came home.
It seems that the Poconos has a lot of waterfalls and the Delaware Water Gap reserve. There will be ample opportunity to do something nature like and fun.
Oh, I know that some of my links are screwy. I'll fix them this weekend while we're watching HBO (kid fun in the hotel).
Off for another crap shoot.

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