Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I've been earnestly trying to post new pictures onto my blog. Really that's exactly what I've been doing.
The first one that I tried a few days ago worked like a charm! I interrupted important television watching so that the whole family could come and marvel at my feat of wonder. They did their appropriate "Yeah, that's cool" quips and resumed their television viewing.
I was so excited.
Oh, the pictures I can post.
The wonders that the very few who travel by here can see.
The glimpse of my most fascinating and intriguing life that they can experience with their visual cortexes.
But, alas, the computor blog God/Godess has failed me. That bugger has let me down!
No longer can I post a picture without Safari crashing. I am going to have to go the "blogger help group" and participate in some "posting pictures for the technologically challenged" group therapy. I emailed blogger support and got an email back telling me that I should try all these insightful "help" places first. Of course, I have already been there. I'm an engineer's daughter I'll have you know and very anal and methodical (when I need to be). Ah poop. And yes, I've sat down with husband and been to "how to reduse the resolution of your pictures" school. We got to travel to photoshop and everything! And by the way, he is not technologically impaired and he has no idea why this is happening.
Now after all that ranting....does anyone else out there have a mac powerbook G4 and use safari and "HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET YOUR PHOTOS TO POST!?!"
I'm calm now.
On the lighter side...we have purchased an antique stove. We were driving to a friend's party here in Saratoga Springs, NY. As we are driving, exactly at the same time, husband and I spot an antique stove that was sitting on someone's porch and there was a big sheet hanging from the porch that said, "Appliances for sale". Husband starts turning the car around. Girl #2 is the back yelling, "Oh no you don't! Don't stop." It was for sale...$60 bucks. It's an old "quality" brand made in 1936 and she's a beauty. Old enamel, beautiful tags, cool controls. All the bits that can rust have. We are going to convert her (maybe it's a him) into a cabinet. We're going to sand off the rust parts and paint them. Husband wants to keep our dishes in it. He wants to be able to say "Get the dishes out of the stove, please." It is our anniversary present to each other. 19 is the antique stove year.
Alas, no picture yet. Can you feel how forlorn I am?
I just know that you have been wanting to know where I've been...


Jane_hates_Dick said...

"Get the dishes out of the stove please." Yeah, that line really made me miss you guys. Congrats on the cool find. Figure out the picture thing, I want to see it!

madre-terra said...

I'm tryin'. I'm tryin'.