Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I have been taking a weaving class. Not only do I love to weave but it's the only time that I get to go do something that is just for me. I pay $6 an hour for the opportunity to leave my family behind and emerse myself in something that I like to do. I find it funny (I mean funny as in strange) that I get to pay someone for my opportunity to leave my family behind. Sound familiar women? A couple of years ago I was thinking about taking the class and one of my daughters thought that it was so cool and they wanted to do it to. Instead of saying "no, this is my time" I just never did anything about it. Now I'm over that and I've been taking classes since the spring.
This is a scarf that I made for my friend Eloise.

She graduated from acupuncture school this past spring. I chose to use fibers that came from non-animals (cotton and rayon) and I chose to use specific colors for their healing properties.

Green for balance (and it's the color of american money), purple for serenity, and white for connecting to one's higher self.
Eloise is an amazing woman that I know and love. I am so pleased that she is out there "filling her cup" and doing her thing to make the planet a better place.
For Eloise, with love.


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Annalise said...

I'm in awe of your scarf!!

Loved the halloween pics; I showed the kids and they were impressed :-)

Lilly said...

What a beautiful scarf and what a great present!