Thursday, March 15, 2007

Does it get any better than that?

On Thursday morning we got to have some quality time with Janos and his wife Rebecca. If you are ever in Tucson and want to have a true dining experience you should eat at Janos. A real sweetheart of a man and a truly talented chef. Janos was Michael's employer when we lived in Tucson. Rebecca is a gifted artist and a saint for living with someone that is a chef/owner. It is such a demanding profession even before you add in being the owner of a restaurant.
We had a delightful breakfast eating outside on the patio at Blue Willow. When I was pregant with Artie I craved the homefries from Blue Willow. The girls were all excited about eating there so that they could have the homefries. Artie was excited to see Janos because all of her memories of him are from when she was real young. Now she is so grown up and tall.
We ate, we caught up, the girls played in the gift shop. It was nice to hear that Rebecca is painting. She and Janos seem happy and content. Warm fuzzies were shared all around. What a young couple Michael and I were when we lived in Tucson. It was the beginning of our life together. It's been 14 yrs. since we lived there. Janos was a big part of our lives back sweet to see him looking and being so well.
That afternoon we took Xan over to his restaraunt to spend dinner service with him in the kitchen. WOW, huh? There is a link to his website in my sidebar. Rebecca designed the logo. That's the Catalina Mountains...I love the logo. Xan was there from 3:30 to 10:30. And what a blast she had! She just loved it. Here are some pictures that were taken.
This is Xan helping out the pastry chef.
This is Janos.
This is the kitchen.
This is a desert that Xan helped with. This is what they give people on their birthdays. If it's your birthday at Janos you can get one too.
This is Xan with the kitchen staff.
Janos brought Xan back to our friend's house at the end of the day. He asked if he could keep her.Sorry Janos, she's still ours for while.
Xan wrote Janos a Thank You card the other day. In it she thanks him for loving every second of her time in the kitchen and that she now knows that she is very serious about wanting to be a chef.
Does it get any better than that?

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Jane_hates_Dick said...

What a neat experience for Ms. Xan! As an aside, I just love that man's face... You know how sometimes you just look at someone and you can just SEE their wonderful personality? Yeah, he has that.