Friday, March 09, 2007

I'll let you know.

I am living through the experience of my mother having a "sort of" boyfriend. On Wednesday I took the train to MA from NY so that I could be with my Mom while she is recovering from her, no I mean that she is recovering from a stent being put into her heart.
My brother and his family took the first week. My sister-in-law and niece lasted 5 days and my brother lasted 7. I am the next wave of family support. My Mom is being a bit (I am understating) hard to deal with. Her inner teenage is on a rampage and we can only stand back and observe. She wants everyone out of her house and she wants to drive her big ol' Crown Victoria honkin' Ford. Instead I get to chaufer her around and try and remain calm during her bad direction giving.
That was my yesterday.
Today I am at the library goofing around while Mom is off playing bridge and later I have to meet her in some obscure town where she will be at some restaurant that she goes to after she plays bridge. I suffered through her trying to give me directions this morning and after I am done blogging I will Mapquest away. I am hoping that in about a half hour I can call my niece and get her to come with me. I don't relish the thought of having dinner with my Mom and her "sort of" boy friend. I met him over Christmas and frankly I think that he is a pompous lout. I just know that if I go out to eat with them alone that I will be the third wheel. Mom gets all doe eyed and would let the dog catch on fire in the presence of said "sort of" boy friend. Just picture the elder aged couple, myself, and one disgruntled with life only wears black teenager. Doesn't that sound fun? I'll let you know.

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