Monday, March 05, 2007

Jane, Jane, beautiful Jane.

And now for the day that all my blogger friends have been waiting for. I got to see Jane's socks up close and personal. We borrowed our friends car and drove up to Phoenix to check out an art show that we are thinking about participating in. It was a nice show and we got a brief visit with two artist friends from Utah that do that show. But....
The most important part of that trip was being able to visit with Jane. Jane and her girl tribe met us at the art show and we hung out there for a few hours. We then went to the Willow House for coffee and chai. Then we all headed over to Bookmans. Bookmans is a great used bookstore that we used to shop at often when we lived in Tucson. It was fun to be around all the books but the prices are much pricier than 15 yrs. ago and I didn't buy anything. Sad to say that I buy most of books at these days. Jane uses Bookmans like a lending library. She will buy her books than trade them back in for store credit to get more books. If I lived near a Bookmans I would do the same.
Then we got to drive to Jane's and see where the family is living these days and to see the place of many blog stories. It's a sweet house. It was funny that at the time that we were there the fence had been pulled up all around the house and there were lot's of guys outside working. Apparently Jane had an oleander hedge that had that day disappeared and YES we got to meet Bob. We were all feeling pooped so we ordered Chinese and we let Jane's husband pick it up on the way home from work. We loved the timing in all this. We all ate and chatted, the girls played. Jane's girl #3 told Artie that she remembers her from when they lived in NY and Artie babysit for them Apparently she played spiders. Girl #3 was hoping that they could play spiders again.
In the living room Jane's house is this very sweet very Jane.And, also, in the living room is this very big fish tank. Michael and I think that maybe it is 120ish gallons. Wow, huh? Jane's husband is really into it. So very him.
We exhausted ourselves with talk and catching up and we all staggered off to bed. The next morning I got to spend a few moments with Jane's husband before he had to take off for work. Poor husband having to leave us vacationers behind. In his absence we had a rousing game of Snorta.
I love being associated with people that are doing their bliss. I find it a true honor to witness people that are doing exactly what they arrived on the planet to do. Jane arrived on the planet to be a midwife. Oh, you should have seen her face when she brought out her photo album out of all the births that she has attended. She was so sweet when she asked me if I was OK with blood. I am...the photo album is quite moving and stunning. Jane glowed and her aura grew ten fold when she talked about each woman and their baby. What a joyous time it was I had being with Jane in her dining room watching her become one of the most beautiful parts of herself. On the wall by the stairs that goes up to her room are all these pictures of women. She calls it her wall of's pretty spectacular.
We got to have a moment together on the couch.
We had to leave all to soon to go and have lunch with some Ren Fair friends before we went back to Tucson. We left with promises that we'll see the Jane clan again.
Jane, Jane, beautiful Jane.


Annalise said...

Beauiful, beautiful Jane indeed :-) And beautiful socks too. :-)

madre-terra said...

Yeah, Jane is too cool for school in her tye dye socks!

MF said...

Jane is looking fine, isn't she? Hubba. I'm still over here with the ::envy:: I'm envious of both of you :)

Jane_hates_Dick said...

Gosh, you two are making me blush! (Don't let that stop you, though.) Big Love to you!

Anonymous said...

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