Monday, November 12, 2007

So many logistics so little time.

We have now officially started our 4 shows in 4 weekends in a row. Last weekend was Hartford, CT, then we have Gaithersburg, MD, then Lancaster, PA, then Westfield, NJ. We did have 5 shows in a row but our last show is in an armory and the National Guard has been called so the promoter had to switch the dates. All of the artists that had already booked their hotels on priceline are SOL...what a drag. We always stay with friends so it was easy to switch weekends.
For the past month Xan and I have been totally consumed with a trip. When each of our girls turns 13 they are allowed to pick a place to travel to with Mom and Dad. It's our way of celebrating their 'coming of age'. Artie chose to go to NYC and Xan has chosen to go to Paris. That's right, Paris.
So we again decided that we need to spend money that we do not have and we have booked our air and we are in the process of booking an apartment. We are getting an apartment in the Latin Quarter for about $700 a week. Let me tell you that when we first starting seriously planning this trip 500 euros (the cost of the apartment) was $716 and now it is $730. Oh woe is us...all of us. We are thinking about buying our euros now because we get to pay for the apartment in cash when we arrive. If we wait for 2 or 3 months who knows what 500 euros will convert into. These are bad days for the dollars.
Xan is working very hard these days at shows to make as much money as she can for the trip. She's helping to fund the trip...all her idea.
Get this....over Thanksgiving Xan is driving to Cleveland, Ohio to work for a woman who paints on silk and makes clothing with it. This past weekend Xan worked for her and it was great. So off she is going to Ohio to work a show with Denise and will fly back into Albany when the show is over. She will miss Thanksgiving because that is their set-up day and under normal circumstances we wouldn't let it happen but there's the Paris trip and Xan is so motivated to go and make money.
I must be off to figure out her plane home and to figure out how Artie is going to get to Maryland to meet us for Thanksgiving. So many logistics so little time.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Wow, sounds busy. I've moved four times this year for school, so I feel your pain in trying to coordinate all the details.

madre-terra said...

Kelly---Sometimes I think it's a wonder that my head is still attached to my body.

Jane_hates_Dick said...

If I have to reincarnate again, will you please, please be my mother next go round?