Monday, January 28, 2008

Bon Voyage.

I've been sick with a crummy cold.
It's a 'I think that sitting on the couch watching movies is about my speed' sick.
On Friday I didn't have it in me to homeschool Xan. Nor did Xan want to homeschool because she woke up much more snorgally than myself. (I'm pretty sure that snorgally is a made up word.) I wanted to have some sort of educational experience and not just totally blow the whole day off.
Let's see, there was 'Unsolved Mysteries' (my personal favorite for when I am sick) but Xan doesn't like to watch that. I didn't want to watch "Let's be a Super Model" at least I knew it was going to be as ridiculous as the title. Or 'Wife Swap', doesn't that sound like a winner? Then we remembered that we had 'SICKO' that we got in Netflix ages ago (yes we are behind on our Netflix viewing).
"That's the ticket!" I thought. We could watch about the American Health Care System while we are sick and it's educational.
By the way it's a great documentary.
We watched all the special features and we spent time online learning how you can immigrate to New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Sorry that England really isn't open these days. In the special features there is a segment about Norway.
Norway has no death penalty and no life sentences in it's prison system. The longest that someone can spend in jail is 21 years. Norway has the lowest murder rate in the world. Hhhmmmm, Norway? What if we moved to Norway?
Wouldn't it be great to live in a place that is progressive, has health care for all, and either free or subsidized education? I'm thinkin' so. But could I live with myself for leaving this problem of the United States instead of trying to be part of the solution? I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin' that I'm thinkin' way too much these days.
Washington state is the most progressive place that I have lived in the US. The state health care is excellent, the homeschool rules are above and beyond the friendliest I've come across (a homeschool child can participate as much or as little in Public School as they choose), and WA state is very environmentally conscious.
So, why am I thinking about not moving back there for a while? Again I'm doing too much thinkin'.
In the past few weeks I have come across many Artist Housing and Artist Relocation Programs (not to mention that New Zealand and Australia would welcome us) and I'm going to spend some time writing about what I'm thinkin' and what I'm learning about our next adventure.
Tomorrow morning Michael and I are flying into Nashville and driving to Paducah, KY for the first of our "kick the tires" tour. Now when I write 'Paducah, KY' there is a woman who lives there that has 'google alerts' set up for 'Paducah, KY'. I got so many comments on my post about feeling scared about the Christian homeschool scene there. Frankly, I am embarrassed because for years I've had a very small blogger community and when I wrote that post I was writing to them and it turned out that I shared my feelings with a lot more people than I had intended. I'm not going to take back or apologize for what I said. Anybody who knows me knows about my Christian hang-ups. I am admittedly embarrassed though. But not enough to censure myself in the future.
If I get a chance I will write from Paducah. If not you will hear from me next weekend.
Bon Voyage.


Annalise said...

Snorgelly is a wonderful word! Sicko is on our Lovefilm list (equiv. of Netflix.) Can relate to wondering if you should leave a place or stay and try to change it ... We didn't really mean to leave SA - it was supposed to be a one year thing and it sort of extended - and now, who knows if we'll ever go back? I do feel guilty at times... Norway would be sort of cold and dark, though, don't you think?

madre-terra said...

I would love to hear more about SA!!!It's somewhere I have never been and would like to know more about.
As for Norway, who knows. I just got off the phone with the father of one of Xan's friends whose wife is Thai and he used to live there.
Hhhmmm, Thailand? What about Thailand?